• The Essence Circle
      creating a world in harmony

      Recently I have been doing a lot of reflection. How can we join together and create fields of pulsating light and joy? Years ago I spent time in India and experienced Satsang. It is a blend of inspiring music, silent meditation, and community. The effect was magical. Nourishing. Unforgettable.

      "Let the music pray deep in your heart."

      So in a world gone topsy-turvy, where it can be difficult to find inner peace, let's come together and create a space that nurtures global mind, global heart. 90 minutes where we can nurture our souls and bathe in the essence. Let us create soul gatherings to celebrate music, meditation and community.


      What is Essence? Derived from Latin , late 14 century, essencia from the Latin essentia "being" abstract noun formed ( to translate Greek ousia "being essence) and from the stem esse "to be," from PIE "es-to be" Source also Sanskrit, the ancient language of seers, asmi and Old English eom - I AM.  

      Yes, the word Essence means "to be," and is also known to represent spirit, soul, heart, core, and quintessence. 

      ESSENCE can be discovered in many ways, yet one of the easiest ways to enter our inner sanctuary is through music. Music plays an important role in igniting our spirit and deepening our listening. It helps us naturally open our hearts and connect back to our breath. Through music, we can experience a space beyond mind and begin to reconnect and raise our vibration. Deep listening heightens our awareness and Satsang happens effortlessly.

      "The greatest present is presence."

      Creating a sacred space where friends can sit silently together is a profound practice. It transcends social boundaries because there is no need for polite conversation. It is a time to 'be with ourselves' = to give ourselves that extra time that we so easily overlook. Essence Circles are a great support on our spiritual paths. We come together, in our aloneness, and it brings us closer as friends, because we find ourselves in a sacred space together, without judgment, where all is One."

      I deeply believe that Essence Circles are a perfect place to create Global Mind, Global Heart. The time is NOW.

    • There are basically 4 sections: Music, Words, and Humming

      These activities arise from and disappear into, the silence which we have come to savor and enjoy.

    • "There is a silence that sings. A silence pregnant with possibility. It rings true to our soul. It is our home."


      This is beautiful to do in the middle of the meditation AND it requires no musical expertise for those who may feel shy. Humming is very natural and connects body, mind, and spirit.

      The technique is simple: On a relaxed breath make the sound ‘mmm." It is a powerful exercise to align yourself with the divine.

      Meditation is a deep remembrance.

      Humming activates all Chakras and creates a circle of energy in the body. It revitalizes our cells and charges our body with Kundalini energy. After humming we literally feel "lighter."

    • WORDS

      Poems and uplifting ‘spoken word’ punctuates the silence. The Humming section is framed with two inspirational readings. Discover the words  great mystics and poets such as Hafiz, Rumi, Oliver, Tagore, Buddha, Jesus, Osho, O'Donohue.  

       Let's gather and create joyful healing vibes for our world!

      Meditation is your essence.  It produces happy chemicals and once you have experienced it, you become deliciously addicted. May the music uplift and the silence nourish you in your daily lives.