• Global Voice Yoga

      THURSDAYS, 10:30 PDT (Los Angeles) | 13:30 EDT (New York) | 14:30 BRT (Rio) | 18:30 BST (London) | 19:30 CEST (Berlin) | 20:30 MSK (Moskow)




    • It takes a powerful voice to ignite the world.

      After more than 35 years of performing and teaching voice one-on-one, at renowned universities and giving masterclasses and talks internationally, I have designed an online-class that integrates the ancient practices of vibrational medicine and voice yoga with the newest research in quantum science and body energetics. Learn how your voice is the missing link to connectivity and well-being. Receive a  daily practice that boosts your immune system, elevates your bliss factor and recharges your batteries. The cool thing is, that you can work in the comfort of your own home or gather with friends to amplify this vibrational practice. The recordings are there for you to work with.

      Join this LIVE online class. Learn the fundamental breakthrough Voice Activation sequences:

      May we collectively usher in a new world of peace.


    • You are a portal. Free your voice.

      Do you struggle with not feeling heard? Does your voice tend to shut down when you commit to standing in your light and dare to fully live your dreams?  Are you ready to extinguish the story of shyness around your voice forever? 

      Singing is the final act of healing and forgiveness. When you are wounded, you retreat. When the wounds begin to heal, you have the strength to sing again.

      What a great feeling when the most powerful instrument you have to EXPRESS  with - your VOICE - becomes stronger, freer, fuller and more resilient.  

      Each week Kara guides you and gives you the tools needed for everlasting change.

      Discover a holistic voice practice designed to truly heal your fifth chakra. 

      Learn to align your channel with SOURCE and experience real, lasting change. 

      This ongoing weekly all-levels live online class has its focus on Heart-Mind Coherence and High-Frequency Vibrational Wellness.

    • There are basically 4 sections: Voice Activation,  Standing Song Series, Mantra and Chant, Savasana.
      These activities arise from and disappear into the silence which we have come to savor and enjoy.


    • Get a powerful pracice. Free your voice.

      YES, activate Personal Transformation on all levels. With this Voice Activation and Alignment Series, you get powerful tools needed to evoke a state of equilibrium 24/7.

      You will deepen your understanding of breath, learn how to keep the vagus nerve toned, boost your immune system, build confidence, learn the key behind perfect tuning and get songs that are composed to uplift and empower you.  

      Heal ancient wounding of unworthiness and unleash your full creative potential.

      Get a powerful practice and experience embodied HEART-MIND-COHERENCE and RADIANT PRESENCE.

      Fall in love with your signature sound and personal high state of energetic well-being. 

    • Success. Abundance. Well-Being.

      Join this LIVE online class! You receive a groundbreaking conscious voice practice.

      There is a reason why every culture sings. In a world that has gone topsy-turvy, it can be difficult to find inner peace and equilibrium.  Learn ancient practices and cutting edge science. Discover how the voice connects you with quantum fields to manifest your highest potential. 

      Release fears and hidden restrictions that are holding you back and tap into a deeper sense of purpose for your life. Yes, it is easier than you think. You can do this. 

      Developing your voice is not about singing songs. It is more radical. Freeing your voice is about releasing YOU!  Come back into alignment with SOURCE ENERGY and watch miracles happen.

      Excited to share with you all the secrets behind a powerful, healthy and resilient voice 

      Here's to your success, abundance, and well-being.

      See you each week class. 



    • Global Voice Yoga Class

      THURSDAYS, 11:30 am PDT | 1:30 BRT | 2:30 pm EDT | 6:30 pm BST | 7:30 pm CET | 8:30 MSK


    • Kara's passionate style takes individuals on a journey into personal power, authenticity, and presence, impacting thousands with her message.

      ~ Jaijai Jackson, Creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide

    • I love what you do with your work, Kara. You do such great work with opening people with their voices. There is such a lot of damage and shame and fear around the voice for many people.

      It is a great service that you do. Thank you for that.

      ~ Miten, Singer-songwriter, producer

    • Professionally, I have to speak publicly but it was something that I felt very uncomfortable with and had been able to avoid. Such was my angst that I was warned, earlier in my career, that if I didn’t overcome my fear of public speaking I wouldn’t go far professionally.

      Since working with Kara I have spoken publicly in situations both privately and professionally. I cannot begin to explain in words the profound effect working with Kara has had on me across all levels of my life. I treasure every interaction with her and recommend her to everyone who I feel is searching for that next level in their own development.

      ~ Jacqueline Routier, Managing Marketing Director Etsy

    • Kara Johnstad is the most amazing coach and person that I have ever met. My singing guru, my friend, my inspiration.

      When I first met Kara, I didn't trust myself and lacked self-confidence. I didn't really know what a gift I am carrying inside of me ... My Voice.

      Kara has reconnected me with my heart... She taught me to trust
      in the love of my life, my voice, and actually to trust and believe in me.
      She taught me that we are all unique and beautiful how we are ...
      And that our voice is a mighty instrument...

      Kara makes me SHINE from inside out ... She told me as soon as I
      will find my voice, my life will change - and it is absolutely right, I suddenly
      become very clear what I want in my life!
      I know where I am going.

      Even of course, sometimes I am losing
      the belief. But then I will always remember Kara. "Trust your voice!
      Your voice is always connected to your heart, and only there is
      your real profound truth !!!" When I am singing, I am alive! When I am
      singing, I am not afraid of anything that life has prepared for me.

      All these years, when thinking of Kara, I'm feeling very honored and full of respect when mentioning Kara's name.
      She is not only my voice coach, but she is also my mentor, my teacher.
      She is a beautiful woman with an amazing heart and spirit. Love You, my Dear. Your Natalia

      ~ Natalia Kltischko, Singer-songwriter

    • Vibrant Presence. Your Essence.

      Join together each week for the live online class! 

      Be radical. The SONIC SOUND of your SOUL is the ESSENCE of who you are. 

      Come back into alignment with SOURCE ENERGY and watch miracles happen. 

      Excited to share with you all the secrets behind a powerful, healthy and resilient voice 

      Here's to your success, abundance, and well-being. Here's to us. We are gathering. Designing the world we call home. 

      See you each week in class. 



      NOTE:  Your personal SANCTUARY. Before Class: create a comfortable quiet place to sit. A cushion, a chair, or your favorite rug. Make sure there is enough space to stand and move your arms once we go into singing. Have a blanket ready for Savasana in the end. Have a water bottle or tea close by in case you want a sip of water in between. 


    • I've overcome my fears. THANK YOU!

      I want to express my deep gratitude for your wonderful voice classes and your gentle guidance. It has meant more to me than you might expect. The last years in Berlin were besides being a crazy adventure, sometimes also quite difficult and dark.I mainly felt very lost in life and extremely out of place in this world. I didn’t really know what to do with my life and couldn’t really see the value of it either. Let’s say, it was the typical -quarter-life Saturn return- crisis. Yet, I was determined to get answers to so many questions. Why am I here, what is my purpose, etc. But for me to get to the answers, it meant I had to emotionally and spiritually grow enormously. And so, I was challenged a lot to heal old traumas and emotional wounds and blocks. When I found you.

      I knew that my fear to sing came from a fear of being seen and a fear of not being good enough. Your voice classes have contributed significantly to overcoming these fears. Not only by your voice exercises and the joy of singing together but also by your radiant presence and subtle comments of wisdom in between.

      Considering the power of words and intentions, the importance of raising vibrations, interconnectedness, and other universal truths. It often confirmed to me that I was on the right track, it stuck with me. I can now say that I truly understand, I can really see now what you meant. And I can say I have found my purpose, or I remember it, that is maybe better.

      I am here to contribute to raising the consciousness of humanity, together with many and set an example for a better earth.

      And so, I am able to passionately start my life project and I am sooo super happy. Therefore, I want to say: thank you very very much! I can’t really put into words how incredibly valuable this is to me.

    • Thank you for sharing your gift and wisdom so freely! I've been doing a lot of research on voice and sound lately. I'm transitioning and healing after fighting a cancerous tumor at the base of my skull that returned after removal so a second surgery was required! It's was in a terrible spot in the parapharyngeal space on the outside of my skull so both surgeries were invasive and damaged my face, nasal passages and throat.. (they told us I would require extensive speech therapy to be able to speak properly). boy were they wrong! My voice is stronger than ever but my control has never been good and I'm sure I haven't found my signature note/tone...

      Your work is so helpful! For the first time in weeks, I got to wake up without a pounding headache! It was glorious! Blessings to you bright one!

      Kristin Blazey - Oklahoma, USA

    • WOW! Your class is FANTASTIC.. I never realized how guarded I am, but it makes sense because of my history. There is a lot of trauma there. But this is amazing. I love your classes. They are the keys to my freedom.Thank you, Guruji Kara!

      Janice - Portales, New Mexico, USA

    • Global Voice Yoga Class

      THURSDAYS, 11:30 am PDT | 1:30 BRT | 2:30 pm EDT | 6:30 pm BST | 7:30 pm CET | 8:30 MSK


    • So wonderful. Thank you for a super restorative class

      Kristin - Minneapolis, Minnesota

    • Thank you for the Global Voice Yoga Session tonight it was wonderful

      Helen - Gothenburg, Sweden

    • Kara, your online classes have already helped me more than you will ever know. Than you.

      Anita - Illinois, USA

    • I just listened to your live video class on tapping sinuses and namaste! I have tinnitus, and for a moment I couldn't hear my ears ringing! Amazing. Thank you for creating all your live streams and videos for the voice community.

      Julie Niemeyer - USA

    • This last class really helped me see high notes in a different way, singing from a different place, thank you! I can feel/ hear a difference already

      Tiggy Peach - Australia

    • "You are an amazing woman! You helped me understand what was wrong with my inner self by Your “How to Mend a Cracked and Broken Voice” video and online classes- I want to say how grateful I am to have found your channel. I am sending you love from Pakistan."

      Layla - Pakistan