• Praise

  • Your voice is out of this world. I hear a great soulfulness, and incredible power. You can blow up the world with that voice.

    Brunie Feliciano, NYC, NY

  • Rich with emotion & very captivating in vibe. Kara Johnstad is a true translator of songs from the heart with masterful delivery.

    Women of Substance Radio, USA

  • Johnstad, who has something of a female Leonard Cohen song writing sensibility…. is truly hard to categorize.

    Paul Wolfle, Music Interview Magazine

  • Explosive! What a voice! Kara Johnstad is brilliant… a total range of feelings!

    BILD, Germany's largest newspaper

  • Kara’s performance is in a word masterful. It isn’t merely Johnstad’s outstanding voice that helps sell the songs that might crumble in the hands of a lesser artist, but her ability for phrasing that is at times other-worldly in its brilliance, as well as unquestionably perfect pitch and definitive command of the stage.This humble writer couldn’t possibly express more strongly the importance of seeing Kara Johnstad when next she graces New York with an on-stage appearance. In point of fact, and for lack of a better expression, she will simply blow your mind. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she is THAT good.

    Andrew Martin, Nitelife Exchange, New York City

  • The voice of Kara Johnstad is really outstanding It doesn't matter whether she soars into the beyond or whispers like an angel. One understands fully that she must have trained a long time and with success.

    Jazzdimensions Magazine

  • Kara Johnstad easily transcends the gap between pop and jazz, fusing her own gentle compositions with music styles from the many corners of the world resulting in songs with a personal flair – entertaining but not pretentious, inviting but not simple.”

    TAGESSPIEGEL, Berlin's leading newspaper

  • Simply Perfect Passion,
    Sexiness and Grace!


  • Kara Johnstad offers everything from jazz ballads to Brazilian samba rhythms, all that a jazz lover´s heart desires. Beautiful voice, beautiful woman, beautiful music …

    TIP, Berlin's leading city magazine

  • My Audience

  • Kara Johnstad is one of the greatest artists and women I have ever known. A songwriter and a performer of the highest level possible. Warmness, power, technique, soul, sensuality, deepness, heart, and light. This is Kara Johnstad.

    Fabrizio Pigliucci - Film Composer

  • Kara's songs speak volumes, A soulful, rich voice. A powerful Songwriter. Her song Thank You is a top request on our station.

    Nette Radio

  • Warm, powerful and full of secrets ... like the earth , moon and skies.. this is your voice and you!
    I really adore your excellent music and your great voice: It is just FANTASTIC!

    Amir Baghiri
    Producer and Composer

  • you are the voice that connects to the spirit as one, a conduit for supreme cosmic love 

  • Once again, your performance was breathtaking. I closed my eyes and soared with your voice. You reach beyond thoughts, beyond words, to a basic truth and wonder… I believe you are the most beautiful person I have met, certainly one of the strongest and most powerful.

    Jennifer Toth, Journalist LA Times

  • Kara, you are such a catalyst! During my most trying times Open up and Receive and Let Go and Trust were my constant companions. The river of song made the tides so much easier to navigate, definitely “boat songs” for me, carrying me through what I was going through feeling lifted and safe and touched when I was alone. Love you!

    Victoria Willoughby, Reverend and Healer, NY, USA

  • I simply LOVE your music!! A superior voice that can melt and touch any heart! Kara’s music is exceptional and highly sought after by everyone who hears the smooth, beautiful and haunting sounds of perfection. We love her tunes at BBS Radio, so will you!!!

    Doug Newsom
    President BBS Radio, California

  • She is known to take us with her powerful voice and deep musical soulful expression by blending folk, jazz, classical, pop and new age and touches on universal themes that affect us all, such as love, relationships, life, death, sexuality and inner healing so that the heart's cry can be spoken to and released to its natural form and rediscovered for an empowering existence

    Jaijai Jackson, Creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide

  • warm, powerful and full of secrets... like the earth, moon and skies

  • What a magnificent voice you have!

    Marcomè - New Age Recording Artist, Canada

  • When you hear Kara’s voice in her song ‘Message of Hope’, you’ll know that Kara has exceptional ‘heart coherence’ – a connection with Source that conveys co-Creation through sound. She is a conduit for Supreme Cosmic Love.

    Dr. Christopher Rudy
    Cosmic Love Radio

  • I call Kara Johnstad a Voice Magician, since she is turning around the myth about voice and making it so easy, effortless, yet so powerful... thank you again, Kara, you are a great gift to the world.

    Magdalena Winkler
    Conscious Thought With Leo Radio

  • Kara reveals me, heals me. Her beautiful voice sears through my very spirit. When I listen to Kara's artistry - hear her lyrics, I know we all share so much we cannot or do not put into words. With this album, you won't have to try to explain, because it is all there - the highs and lows of human thought and emotions - beautifully expressed in her own special way. Kara is simply and AMAZING gift for me!!

    Janet Durgen, San Francisco

  • The voice of Kara Johnstad is truly outstanding. Whether soaring and exploring beyond the imagination or whispering gently as an angel, her lifelong training, and love for her art are obvious.


  • living the fierce tender wisdom of the singing poets

  • Kara Johnstad has left the stylistic boundaries behind her in every genre and instead carried through what suits her best, her Ideas!

    zitty Magazine

  • If you want to soar like the angels, if you want to cry with the clouds, listen to this woman sing!!! Kara's voice touches me like no other singer's voice ever has...a celestial song sung here on earth. Kara Johnstad sings in a way that so few in this world do.A singer with heart, head, and guts - a true STAR!

    Kevin Kortan, Founder of Evolutionary Yoga

  • Kara Johnstad places each tone with such feeling. Blue Note at its best!

    Stern Magazine

  • get inspired with real-life stories of people from all walks of life, who achieved life-changing positive transformation following Kara Johnstad's teachings.

  • Kara Johnstad is the most amazing coach and person that I have ever met. My singing guru, my friend, my inspiration.

    Natalia Klitschko

  • Kara’s mentoring and coaching skills extend far beyond vocal instruction. Her in-depth understanding of the voice-body-spirit connection is impressive and effective, as client well-being is her first priority. I highly recommend her for all matters of the voice.

    Jacqueline Harmon
    Artist, author, educator

  •  step into your full, juicy, confident, wise self

  • I love what you do with your work. Kara, You do such great work with opening people with their voices. There is such a lot of damage and shame and fear around the voice for many people.
    It is a great service that you do. Thank you for that.

    Miten, Singer-Songwriter, Producer

  • Kara’s gift is, she speaks to each individual life and guides them into confidence and growth in who they are.

    ~ Stephen Logan Day, Director at Storm Theater, NYC

  • Happy Voices

  • kind words, warm thanks, big love & applause

  • Kara, you are an amazing teacher, singer and woman!!!!! I am so blessed to be in contact with you and I am learning so much in just a few lessons. Thank you, from

    Singer-songwriter, healer

  • Great coach, Kara !!!
    Highly recommended for all those who love to dive deeper into the art of singing,
    the first musical instrument on the planet. :) ))

    Rhani Krija
    Percussionist Sting

  • Kara is not only a passionate vocalist and gifted songwriter. She takes me with her texts and very personal moving stories in her weekly eZine on a journey of my soul. As a vocal coach, I experience Kara as a powerful shaman and humorous companion that brings out the best in me.

    Eva Nowak

  • Kara is an amazing gift for so many on their JOURNEYS... Thank you so much my dear... You are so much a part of mine….

    Jocelyn B. Smith
    Singer-songwriter, producer

  • I first learned of Kara through an evening event where she spoke to us about Voice. Over the course of the evening, she dazzled us, and definitely me, with her textbook knowledge and voice and singing and tones and energy and, I left the evening uplifted.

    Professionally, I have to speak publicly but it was something that I felt very uncomfortable with and had been able to avoid. Such was my angst that I was warned, earlier in my career, that if I didn’t overcome my fear of public speaking I wouldn’t go far professionally.

    Since working with Kara I have spoken publicly in situations both privately and professionally. I cannot begin to explain in words the profound effect working with Kara has had on me across all levels of my life. I treasure every interaction with her and recommend her to everyone who I feel is searching for that next level in their own development.

    Jacqueline Routier, Managing Marketing Director Etsy

  • extinguish the story of shyness around the voice forever

  • Voice Your Essence rocks!
    There is nothing like it in Berlin. I love it.

    Ricarda Magduschewski
    Singer, actress, producer

  • It’s been said that what makes Kara Johnstad different is her microscopic honesty. She doesn’t hold back. Her work is about the objective truth, and you can feel her laser beam clarity cut through to your inner most core and awaken the deep rich landscapes that have slumbered. Guiding you to find your voice in this world.

    JaiJai Jackson
    Creator of the Jazz Network Worldwide


    Kara's School of Voice and Coaching Programs are committed to the growth and empowerment of luminaries, independent artists, change agents and the next generation of light bearers. Whether young or old, your voice is the missing link to personal power, authenticity, and presence.


  • What a gift it has been to find Kara. As a professional singer and voice teacher I've worked on my voice for many years with various highly renowned teachers. I am lucky to have a three-octave vocal range, up to high Fs, yet I've struggled with a weakness between my head and chest voice throughout my career.

    After years of singing and teaching arias, I secretly wanted to understand the technique behind belting and the "pop" sound. I longed for the freedom I heard in other singers when they improvised and scatted and were able to switch styles between pop and classical sounds with ease. Try as I may, with many hours of delicate work, I was not able to find that balance alone.

    Within a short time of studying with Kara, my voice began to integrate and balance in a new way. My break weakness improved and I was not only singing my classical arias with more ease but, for the first time, I was able to sing popular music reasonably convincingly. I took the first steps in discovering the sound of blues, soul, country, etc and learned how to improvise and sing riffs.

    Kara has a special way of coaxing her students to sing straight from the heart. Once you tap into that incredible energy and truth, the opening experience is amazing. My voice, my teaching, and indeed my very being, has opened up miles through working with Kara. I highly recommend anyone looking to find their true voice to work with her. It’s a life-changing experience you’ll never forget.

    Christine Barker. Lyric Coloratura Soprano. L.R.A.M, L.T.C.L, L.L C.M, B.A.
    Head of Singing, Musicals, Music Theater, Dance and Movement. Musikschule Reinickendorf, Berlin

  • make friends with your powerful voice and awaken to your true calling



  • I have had lessons for over 15 years with various teachers in Los Angeles and after all that time and all those teachers, no one has ever improved my voice more quickly than Kara.
    I am already a professional singer but I knew I could be better.
    I never knew how to reach those higher standards of singing until now. Kara made such a difference even after the first week! I heard my range improve and it was already easier to sing with less effort. Her technique is clear and precise and it really works. I intend to continue my lessons with Kara with great anticipation!

    Joyce Mordoh
    Professional singer & songwriter

  • I got to know Kara Johnstad as a very sensitive and professional coach.

    She draws on a vast repertoire of techniques, psychological knowledge, and spiritual wisdom according to the requirements of the moment and demonstrates how to pass it on in a wonderful way. Her philosophy is that training and coaching can only be successful if they are tailored specifically to each individual, promote personal strengths, the joy of learning, and encourage longterm personal change.

    The best thing about Kara Johnstad is, of course, her credibility. Did you ever hear of any other vocal coach with such a strong, sensitive and flexible voice? Pure Hollywood!

    Kara Johnstad - A must for any singer.

    Karin Kuschik
    President and founder of Coachange, a leading training & consultancy firm

  • your voice is the missing link to more abundance and success

  • If you are wondering if an intensive with Kara is worth it, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

    I had no idea that my singing voice had everything to do with my personal ability to express myself wholeheartedly in all areas of my life. As a film director, communication is key, specificity is paramount to getting the vision in my head out and onto film.

    I had no idea when I began Kara's Voice Your Essence™ program "for fun" that it would have such an impact on my work and in my personal life, it was a result that was completely unexpected.

    I travel a great deal. I am thrilled that Kara is live-streaming her workshops and coaching sessions so that I can train where ever I am in the world, be it LA, NY, or Berlin.

    Kara is the real deal, you will learn to use your "voice" in more ways than you could ever imagine.

    Mattio Martinez
    President of Twistville; filmmaker, writer, chief designer of motion picture spectacles.

  • As I began training with Kara Johnstad, I never dreamed how much my life would change!

    What a voice! What an incredibly fulfilling feeling to experience individual classes.
    Coaching without constraint, without pressure, and aiming for goals. It was for me then and remains for me today, an unbelievable experience! I have gained the confidence to know, that my voice is not only heard but that it can inspire. If one feels, the voice opens up.

    I don’t know how Kara does it, but she does it. She keeps a perfect balance between so free, so possible, so accurate and so important. I have become familiar with various schools of training, even in NYC the home of musical. I have never felt so uplifted at any of those schools as I have with Kara.
    She has supported me in ALL phases of my artistic path. Voice building, interpretation, repertoire, performance, songwriting, goal setting, album production, and recently I have ventured into writing books and that too, with great success! I am now a published author and working on my third novel! WOW! It just keeps getting better.

    Yes, Kara motivates and inspires. As a coach and mentor, she removes all doubts.

    Kara Inspires! Hans Meyer zur Düttingdorf
    Best-selling author, singer, songwriter, producer

  • no more stage fright. no more fear. I have my voice back. 

  • I've overcome my fears. THANK YOU!

    I want to express my deep gratitude for your wonderful voice classes and your gentle guidance. It has meant more to me than you might expect. The last years in Berlin were besides being a crazy adventure, sometimes also quite difficult and dark. I mainly felt very lost in life and extremely out of place in this world. I didn’t really know what to do with my life and couldn’t really see the value of it either. Let’s say, it was the typical -quarter-life Saturn return- crisis.
    Yet, I was determined to get answers to so many questions. Why am I here, what is my purpose, etc. But for me to get to the answers, it meant I had to emotionally and spiritually grow enormously. And so, I was challenged a lot to heal old traumas and emotional wounds and blocks. When I found you. I knew that my fear to sing came from a fear of being seen and a fear of not being good enough.
    Your voice classes have contributed significantly to overcoming these fears. Not only by your voice exercises and the joy of singing together but also by your radiant presence and subtle comments of wisdom in between. Considering the power of words and intentions, the importance of raising vibrations, interconnectedness, and other universal truths. It often confirmed to me that I was on the right track, it stuck with me.
    I can now say that I truly understand, I can really see now what you meant. And I can say I have found my purpose, or I remember it, that is maybe better. I am here to contribute to raising the consciousness of humanity, together with many and set an example for a better earth.
    And so, I am able to passionately start my life project and I am sooo super happy. Therefore, I want to say: thank you very very much! I can’t really put into words how incredibly valuable this is to me.

    Margaux Gels, Founder of Le Rêve de Gaïa, France

  • Kara Johnstad has helped me voice my essence, voice my message, voice my songs, and voice my vision. She has changed my life. I broke out of my cocoon and appeared to be a butterfly with the heart and voice of a lioness.

    Car.Rie, Chansonette und Liedermacherin

  • You are the first voice teacher I´ve ever met who really listens to the heart of a human voice. And therefore I`m deeply thankful. Thanx so much for your presence and listening to the real sound in us.

    Lena Grabowski
    Inner Potential Facilitator. Studio for Creativity & Holistic Health

  • shift old paradigms and awaken to a life of pure presence

  • Before I met Kara, I felt very insecure about my speaking and my singing voice.
    Then during a public speaker’s workshop, that Kara designed the publishing industry, I had a major breakthrough. I decided to commit to voice coaching with Kara. What happens during the sessions?
    Kara always makes me feel safe and cherished. She gives me a much better understanding of how the voice works and how it is connected with my whole body … and my soul. My voice grows and that has been a very rewarding process not just for my voice, but for … all of it, my creativity, my writing, my professional work as an editor, and a teacher. I’m so much more connected with my voice now and I feel that I’m continually growing, learning, expanding.
    I really love my classes with Kara - I love where I am now and excited where voice coaching might take me. I highly recommend Kara’s VOICE YOUR ESSENCE method to everyone who wants to improve their voice.

    Susanne Zeyse - editor, lecturer and writing coach

  • When I first went to Kara I wanted to work on my stage fright, But I quickly realized that I actually wanted to hear my true voice that I hadn’t heard for a long time.

    Kara is a remarkable woman, full of power and energy. It was amazing being around her.
    She quickly understood and heard what my problems were and already in the first session I could hear a difference. I had 10 sessions and I have to say my VOICE has improved and is clearer.
    I went to a lot of teachers and Kara is the first one that really understood my voice and also gave me tools that I can use on a daily basis.
    Being around Kara also allowed me to dream again and honestly, I would totally move to Berlin just to work with her, because it is rare to find someone like her. Not only is she a vocal teacher but also a life teacher, a healer, a therapist. at least for me, and a beautiful person.

    I had a lot of realizations. One was that I have stage fright because I didn’t trust my voice to work the way it needed to be. Now I know with Kara that I’m going to learn the right technique and this knowingness gives me hope to actually do what I want with my future and that is to sing and connect with people. A big thanks, Kara!

    Leslie Philbert, Zurich, Switzerland

  • “Kara helped me find the “authentic me,” and my true musical essence! …”
    I see Kara Johnstad not “just” as a vocal coach. She managed with me to really enter into my way of thinking and help me on my journey in the process of finding the authentic “me” and my true musical essence. She was able to build up the necessary trust, allowing the freedom to try out and discover and yet also being critical and analytical in a constructive way. I see a part of her vast abilities as a compositional and vocal artistic advisor, which she indeed demonstrated to me in the work we achieved together on my own compositions for piano and voice. Thank you, Kara!”

    Annette Yashpon
    Singer-songwriter, presenter and producer

  • Working with Kara is something special. When I began to have problems with my singing voice during my work at Theater des Westens, a prominent theater in the center of Berlin, someone sent me to Kara. I had never received singing instruction before and had no idea what to expect. I had to explain to her that I had no classical education, but she did not let that get in her way.
    By drawing from within me she helped me bring my voice back. Kara taught me that vocal training is not solely about technique, but also about the importance of inner sense and emotional presence. A good singer is not made up of technique alone. It takes emotion and honesty together.

    Vaile Fuchs
    Actress, singer-songwriter, author and producer

  • It was suggested to me, during my yearly employee evaluation, that I look into doing some voice training. I had a habit of speaking quietly, then getting flustered and mumbling when my colleagues asked me to repeat myself. I avoided public speaking and I hated having conversations in loud places because I knew people would not be able to make out what I was saying.

    As I worked with Kara I started really listening to myself speak. I had resigned myself to the fact that my voice was small and mousy, but after a few lessons, it was coming out considerably louder and clearer. I realized that at some point in my life I had decided that what I had to say wasn’t very important, and because of that, I had never really decided to speak up.

    Since I’ve worked with Kara not a single person has needed to ask me to speak up. I don’t mumble anymore, I look forward to presentations and I’m not scared of my own voice anymore. Most importantly, beyond the workplace, I’ve started using my voice to speak up for issues I believe in.

    I have important things to say and I wish to be heard, and I am so grateful to Kara for giving me this tool to a side of me I wasn’t aware of. Thank you!

    I Learned to Speak Up! Thank You!

    Frida Justice - Digital Designer

  • you reach beyond thoughts, beyond words to a basic truth and wonder

  • Kara Johnstad, you are the voice that connects to the Spirit as One.

    Victoria Bitton Nord -Composer

  • Hard working, inspirational, creative woman. Kara Johnstad's biography would be an awesome read and out of all this determination and belief in oneself came a beautiful voice. I would say gifted.

    Alan Minshull - Fine Artist

  • You are just Amazing!

    Stephane Bertraud - Composer, Recording Artist, Producer

  • Deep, immense, encompassing, the bow, the power of the bow to capture the rapture and the soaring sweetly, hauntingly, embraces the broken pieces of my mountain aka called a heart, stripping me down to the bare bones and purity of my beginnings had I not lived and loved. Here you go with that beautiful voice about to take off and soar and keep me hovering, and then, a shower of wonder takes me up to a kiss the sky.
    Thank you. You are grand and so is the bow. Precious

    Lady Grange Haig Rutan - Author of Death of a Bebop Wife

  • Kara does beautiful work by integrating our physical and spiritual vocal aspects.

    Kristin Blazy, CEO The Blazy Group

  • Kara Johnstad is a soul who understands beyond understanding.

    Richard Oritz - Composer, Los Angeles. USA

  • Kara Johnstad has left the stylistic boundaries behind her in every genre and instead carried through what suits her best, her ideas!

    "zitty" Magazine

  • Absolutely, Amazing.

    Jazz Radio 101,9

  • Kara Johnstad is a wonderful soul and a stunning singer/composer. Working as an orchestrator for her new album, Moon in Capricorn, was one of my best experiences, I lived those days inside of all her incredibly deep emotions, sensations, and colors that she gives us through her music and her voice, A pure joy to fly with.

    Fabrizio Pigliucci Film Composer / Sony, Warner Brothers

  • Kara reveals me, heals me. Her beautiful voice sears through my spirit. When I listen to Kara's artistry - here her lyrics, I KNOW we all share so much we cannot or do not put into words. With the album, you won't have to try to explain, because it is all there - the highs and the lows of human thought and emotion - beautifully expressed in her own special way. Kara is simply an amazing gift to me.

    Janet Durgin - Head of School at Sonoma Academy

  • In Kara Johnstad's CD, Pages of Sand, her voice is heavenly, soulful, passionate and very sensuous! It is rare to find all those qualities in one voice, but Kara has just that!! She sings from her heart and gives every song an earthiness and truth that only a person who has lived the experiences can share. You can FEEL her sensuousness with her crafting of every phrase and every nuance. With Pages of Sand, Kara creates art and it feels like she is completely nude while creating that art. She is willing to expose her very essence with the listener. Kara creates soul, and her soul is HOT!

    Kabin Thomas - Composer

  • trust in your voice to give you insights in tender times

  • Today I want to honor Kara Johnstad. When I was going through personal trial and told her it was like standing at the shore being hit by wave after wave and I asked her when it stops. She said, "When you become the ocean."
    Those words are etched on my soul as they were the guide that helped me find the ocean in my drop. She calls herself "mini famous": but in my heart, she is an icon. Her depth is not something all can endure. She is not one to skate away on the thin ice of a new day, she is one who will coax a voice from your depths that you never knew was there.
    She is a singer, songwriter, composer, voice coach and it seems so absurd to try to quantify her in words, they are too small. Her essence is universal, alchemical and thunderous in its velvet beauty. She is a flyer of kites, a diver to the depths and an angel just when you need one. We haven't spoken in way too long but we go deeper than that.
    I feel her in my heart and in this world every day, her presence is palpable. Do yourself a favor and go to iTunes or whatever venue you use and listen to "Thank You" or any of her other heartfelt unexpected offerings. Don't expect them to be geared for the mainstream, they are geared for your lifestream! Any time lately I have found myself in the depths, she is there shining her light. I love her beyond measure and words. Thank you Kara!

    Vicki Willoughby, Reverend and Reiki Master

  • Kara's new Voice Rising Show at Om TImes Radio made me hear my own voice in a new way and want to make room to strengthen and support it. I can't wait to tune in to more of the shows. Kara is intelligent, compassionate and guided by a strong, bright spiritual heart.

    Janice Manjeet Amrita Bisset, New Mexico, USA