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  • Kara's new Voice Rising Show at Om TImes Radio made me hear my own voice in a new way and want to make room to strengthen and support it. I can't wait to tune in to more of the shows. Kara is intelligent, compassionate and guided by a strong, bright spiritual heart.

    Janice Manjeet Amrita Bisset, New Mexico, USA

  • Enjoy weekly conversations with leading luminaries, pioneering visionaries, poets, musicians, authors and sound healers on the big questions of meaning as we bring harmony to a world that has lost its tone. Discover how to lead a vibrant balanced life and heal humanity through sound consciousness. 

    If we wish to transform our relationship with ourselves, each other and our planet, we need to understand the role that our voice plays in shifting old paradigms and awakening to a vibrant life of pure presence.

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    Claire B. Willis - Opening to Grief: An Invitation to Turn Towards Emotions

    Airing on October 12, 2020, 11 am PST | 2 pm EST | 8 pm CEST
    OMTimes Radio - Voice Rising

    All of us at some point in our lives, experience loss, yet few of us are comfortable with grieving. It is hard to navigate the waters of loss. How does grief manifest in our lives? How can we integrate grieving while still carrying on with day-to-day commitments? The passage of time may be of some help, but time by itself is not the answer. It is how we “spend” the time. Join Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad and Claire B. Willis, author and clinical social worker for a heartfelt conversation on grief and how we can learn to give it a voice. Co-founder of the Boston nonprofit, Facing Cancer Together Claire is a lay Buddhist chaplain, and yoga/meditation teacher specialized in oncology, therapeutic writing, and bereavement for the last 25 years. Today she celebrates with us the release of her new book, Opening to Grief: Finding Your Way from Loss to Peace, which she co-authored with Marnie Crawford Samuelson. If our lives are to remain vital, our hearts have to stay open, for our grief is an expression of our love. Join Kara and Claire as we deepen the practice of embracing grief and holding uncertainty.



    Fiona Joy Hawkins-Healing Through Music In Isolation

    Airing on Monday, September 28, 2020, 11 am PDT, 2 pm EDT, 7 pm BST, 8 pm CEST

    Music is a universal language. It connects us without prejudice. Music gives us hope and lifts our spirits. Join Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad and Fiona Joy Hawkins, a contemporary classical pianist/composer in a heartfelt conversation on music and healing. Learn how music supports us during this global pandemic. How we can stay in balance and at ease through listening. And discover what role music plays in connecting us to other worlds, including that of our ancestors.



    Nancy Slonim Aronie - Chasing Truth With a Ballpoint Pen

    Airing on Monday, September 21, 2020, 11 am PDT, 2 pm EDT, 7 pm BST, 8 pm CEST

    Writing guru and NPR commentator Nancy Slonim Aronie joins Kara Johnstad at Voice Rising for a heartfelt conversation on finding your authentic voice. Author of the bestselling book, "Writing From Your Heart: Tapping the Power of Your Inner Voice," Nancy's approach to creative writing is a path to healing the self. She shows us how to reverse the damaging effects done to writers in school, where red pens and disciplined grammar taught many of us to mistrust our natural ability as storytellers. Explore together how to honor your voice by developing a writing practice. Learn to write in your own rhythms. Discover how to find your personal language and write your own stories. Of course, not to be missed, how to hush those die-hard inner critics and unthaw from years trying to "be correct." As Nancy says, "I don't think anyone can really teach writing. What I know I can do is create a safe place for writers to write."



    Annie Patterson - Rise Up and Sing

    Airing on Monday, September 14, 2020, 11 am PDT, 2 pm EDT, 7 pm BST, 8 pm CEST

    Annie Patterson is one of America's premiere song leaders. She has been singing around the globe for over 30 years and is well known for her work as co-creator/editor of the songbooks Rise Up Singing and Rise Again. Join Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad and accomplished folk performer, jazz vocalist, musician, peace activist, mother, and community organizer Annie Patterson, as they talk about the transformational power of music, the importance of raising our voices in the community, and the role singing plays in helping kids with learning challenges. In these challenging times, discover what key role our voice plays in the success of social movements and how we can use singing and deep listening to bridge the divides.

    “Singing songs together can be a very effective and non-violent way to speak out as a community and can also help us listen better to each other so we can find unity and hope together.” Annie Patterson



    Karen Cheong - It’s All Frequencies


    Science is confirming the surprising relationship between quantum physics and frequency work. Did you know that frequencies govern our physical reality? Discover why what your ancestors experienced fundamentally affects you now. Even the frequency patterns of those ancestors you never knew! 
    Join Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad and Karen Cheong as they explore how to use frequencies to create a healthy and vibrant reality. Learn more about distortion patterns, what they are, and how they keep you stuck. Discover your hidden superpower that when unleashed can have a tremendous positive impact on humanity. Frequency work expands the possibilities available to you. Be Amazed! We welcome you to the Voice Rising Show. 



    Yuval Ron - Compassion Gives Wings


    Four Divine States of Mind features four celebrated and outstanding artists including Estrella Morente, Deva Premal, Uyanga Bold, and Chloe Pourmorady. This concept album is a spring of soulful sacred music for cultivating higher virtues, meditation, and to help heal a wounded world. Join Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad and Yuval Ron, musician, composer, educator, peace activist and producer, in a heartfelt conversation on the transformative power of music. Explore the Brahma-Viharas - the four “sublime states” - considered to be the ideal social attitudes. Compassion gives wings and takes away the heaviness of the heart. So does singing. As Deva Premal says, “You can't sing with a closed heart. You just can't do it. And if you try, as soon as you start singing, your heart just naturally opens more and more.”

    For further information on Yuval Ron go to www.yuvalronmusic.com




    Deva Premal - Divine DEVA Delight


    World-renowned mantra singer Deva Premal has taken the bold and inspiring step of releasing an instrumental version of her 2020 Grammy-nominated album DEVA. In its original form, the album is one of the singer’s best-loved and most acclaimed recordings. And now that mystical journey into the power of mantra has been transformed into DEVA – The Instrumental Meditations; a beautiful instrumental canvas on which the listener can gaze with renewed delight. Join Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad and songstress Deva Premal for a heartfelt conversation on the power of mantra and the experience of inner peace that chanting and meditation bring to our life. Explore singing as medicine for the soul and discover methods to open the voice through specific healing sounds. Gain personal insight on creativity, well-being, and learn how we can join together to co-create a more sound and vibrant world.

    For further information on Deva Premal go to www.devapremalmiten.com




    Mark Nepo - Living What Matters



    Mark Nepo has a way with words. Words that strengthen our soul. When he wrote his #1 New York Times bestseller, The Book of Awakening, he was rightfully lauded as one of the most influential writers in the modern spiritual community. Oprah Winfrey chose The Book of Awakening as one of her Ultimate Favorite Things for her farewell season and chose Nepo as one of her SuperSoul100—innovators and visionaries who are aligned on a mission to move humanity forward. 

    Now, Mark Nepo returns with THE BOOK OF SOUL: 52 Paths to Living What Matters and offers us a powerful guide to inhabiting an authentic and wholehearted life. In these evolutionary times, we are being asked to have love move more quickly than the disease, to have light move as quickly as dark. Join Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad and Mark Nepo in a heartfelt conversation on the beauty of embracing the mystery called life. Delve into the spiritual alchemy of transformation as a piercing guide, replete with beautiful truths and startling insight. 

    Message from Mark:
    "My hope is that through this time together you will deepen your conversation with life. That through your own path of obstacle and surprise, you will be opened to your gifts and become somewhat freed of all you carry. The gift and practice of being human centers on the effort to restore what matters when in trouble, so we can make good use of our heart. No one quite knows how to do this, but learn it we must. Our path to love and truth depends on this journey."




    Mark Certo - The Triad Mind Revealed


    Were you ever curious about how binaural beats work? Join Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad and Mark Certo, the creator of “ The Triad Mind,” for a heartfelt conversation on how sound affects consciousness. Mark is a recording engineer with a rather unique talent. He helps people go into altered states of consciousness through the use of brainwave entraining sound waves. 

    Together we will explore how sound waves support us in experiencing more balance, clarity, and truth. Listen in and discover how we can use the transformational power of sound to become Self Actualized. Join us at OMTimes Radio.
    To learn more about Mark Certo’s work visit www.thetriadmind.com




    Dr. Sue Morter - The Energy Codes : Creating the Life You Desire


    Everything is Energy and your life is a reflection of your energy. Join Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad and Dr. Sue, bestselling author of the ENERGY CODES in a heartfelt conversation on utilizing high-frequency energy patterns to activate our full human potential. Discover principles and simple practices that will help you build new circuitry for your creative genius to reveal and awaken the inner healer within. Discover the role that your voice plays in generating high-frequency energy patterns for your well-being. Yes, you can change the human Bio-field and learn to balance your body chemistry! Yes, you too can tap into your Soulful Self and experience healing on every level of your life

    Tune in to the VOICE RISING at OMTimes Radio. June 15, 2020.

    Photo: Carl Sudra with permission of Dr. Sue Morter


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    Jonathan Goldman – The Humming Effect

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    Hique Gomez - Remaking The World

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    Jai Uttal – Bhakti Bliss

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    Celso de Carvalho - Art and Culture Can Change Our World

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