• It is beyond belief how this album has been conceived and nurtured. All the songs have powerful stories that called for melodies and so much happened in divine synchronicity that I remain awestruck and humbled as the singer/lyricist/performer and composer. Sometimes I make a joke: I have carried an extra 25 pounds these last 7 years because I am carrying the whole orchestra within, the melodies that ache to be released, the sessions in Berlin, Rome, Bucharest and the last ones in a wonderful school north of Rome by the seaside. Over 80 of the finest artists, as this album is a decade in the making. And it has been a long gestation period. Many moons have passed and finally, we have given birth to this majestic album.

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    The final song of the album, Message of Hope, is the song that called me to reach out to Fabrizio Pigliucci. I was surfing the web and heard the melody. I stopped surfing. I was enraptured. I asked him to send me music for The Essence Radio Show that I was producing and that featured 90 minutes of the finest artists around and he sent me a simple demo of a song that let me take flight. I felt like I had found a diamond in the middle of the marketplace. I was drawn to Fab’s amazing melodies and spirit. Little did I know that by trusting in my inner voice and guides - that first meeting in Rome would lead to him arranging and orchestrating my next album.

    The first song he worked on was Desert Prince. I was visiting Susanna Capurso in Rome and took the train out to Ostia to Fab’s studio. He pushed click and started his arrangement. As I listened, tears streamed down my cheeks. I will never forget the feeling - the all knowing that entered the room in that moment. I emptied and was full all at the same time. Someone, and that is Fabrizio Pigliucci, GOT me. He understood the poetry. He honored that some songs had spoken word and others, where there we no words, songs born inside deep silence - were meant to remain as instrumentals. We did not talk about genres, or categories and we never analyzed. He respected 10000 percent what had flooded through me from my soul onto paper and never questioned the integrity of the music. - -- in the music biz this was so rare that it healed the harshest of wounds I had carried and we continued the production in a pure, playful, highly focused space of love and respect. And then we did something beyond crazy... he asked me which song I loved and at the time I was very much drawn to the layers of symphony and sent him Case of You with Joni Mitchell / arrangements Vince Mendoza. And Fab said - let’s do the album with symphonic orchestra - ok I said. And I had NO IDEA what that really meant. That is the beauty of being that naive and trusting the universe.
  • Fab dressed my songs with strings, and oboes and flutes and we trusted in MAGIC.
    At the same time all these songs were appearing I was in a deep co-creative flow with Michael R JUstice -Hummingway and our Kite Tailor project. We were on a mission of the heart and I was trusting the fields that were out beyond ideas. Trusting in frequencies that came from star formations I did not know existed and the expansion and deep centering was real and I committed the next 7 years to pouring words and ideas and image onto paper and re-wiring my system. Profound.
    All of us were trusting the unknown waters of the internet that was still very new for artists and networks. I began many of the songs in the fall of 2007 to 20. . I was living close to the River and the river was being pulled to a desert. I simply listened to the calling and followed. The messages were loud and clear. It did not take much - small nudges and my body poured and poured. In 2008 I consciously chose to let go of many ideas and beliefs I had held and did a MAJOR surgery on my life. My enlightenment phase. I let go of everything physical that did not fit into a suitcase and kept only the artwork, my piano, my journals my computer and few pieces of clothing, my most important precious daughter close and all her artwork and clothes and we moved into a furnished flat and started a new direction. At the same time, I had three music projects running - the biggest one was MOON IN CAPRICORN ALBUM. It delighted me, it pushed me, and it reflected back to me everything that I believe in.
  • Because they were all my songs - it gave me immense strength and a belief in humanity when many other things were crumbling. It is a love story in time. And it came at a time in my life where I was being asked to go through many challenges and carry many stones.
    As if life gave me immense beauty to comfort as I learned to walk in balance. Where there is immense light there is shadow - and I was being asked to stand in both and stay relaxed, in flow and be love. That was my only practice. Believe in magic. Believe in beauty. Give it all that you got. You do not know how many breaths you have left. So give it all to love. And I did And it changed me. I am not who I was when I started the path in 2007. So - the story continues.
    Fabrizio Pigliucci led me to Laura Lungu and her phenomenal Concertissimo Orchestra and Laura Lungu led us straight to a sound engineer who can detect my inner whispers and heartbeat before I even walk into a room. He is a master of frequency and vibration and I simply bow and sip tea and enjoy the abundance - dance of the universe. Fabio can set a microphone for my voice without me having to do anything but say boo - or hi. And he sets it so that I can fly for hours. Magic.
  • Ten years later, Fabrizio Pigliucci and I are still walking the path together and producing guided meditations, new singles, and exploring sound healing. He still gets me and I trust so much his opinion and he has helped me grow as an artist.
    Laura Lungu is now in Berlin and will start a chamber ensemble.
    The School of Voice has been open a mere 6 months and is thriving. Many excellent musicians and the circles continue to widen.
    Fabio Ferri is considering joining the picnic and coming more often to Berlin:)  Blessings abound. 
    Beyond blessed to be birthing these songs into the world and that with dear friends who make the journey so worth living. And oddly enough - just the thought makes me feel lighter. Belly laughs as we bring this one out into the world. Here’s to love. May the music never end.
  • Free from labels and the constraints of boxes - this album is truly a celebration of acts of kindness, acts of courage and a belief in true artistry from all sides... again... I simply am the vessel and walk in deep gratitude to all the people that have supported me on the journey. Love, Kara

  • Free from labels and the constraints of boxes - this album is truly a celebration of acts of kindness, acts of courage and a belief in true artistry from all sides... again... I simply am the vessel and walk in deep gratitude to all the people that have supported me on the journey. 

  • Photo Kara Johnstad by Fabrizio Pigliucci

    Photo: The Gate by Kara Johnstad
    Photo Kara Johnstad and Fabrizio Pigliucci by A. Pigliucci
    Photo: Kara's desk by Kara Johnstad
    Photo. Michael R. Justice by Michael R. Justice
    Photo. Kara's Journals by Kara Johnstad
    Photo: Kara Johnstad in Concert by Office Kara Johnstad
    Photo Kara Johnstad and Laura Lungu by Laura Lungu
    Photo Kara at p1 Studio by Kara Johnstad
    Photo: Fabio Ferri, Kara Johnstad, Fabrizio Pigliucci by Laura Lungu
    Photo: Kite Constellation by MJ Hummingway
    Photo Kara Johnstad and Fabrizio Pigliucci by M. Pigliucci
    Photo. Orchestra Session by Fabrizio Pigliucci