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  • Kara Johnstad has helped me voice my essence, voice my message, voice my songs and voice my vision. She has changed my life. I broke out of my cocoon and appeared to be a butterfly with the heart and voice of a lioness.

    Carina Riethmüller
    Psychological counselor and coach

  • You are the first voice teacher I´ve ever met who really listens to the heart of a human voice. And therefore I`m deeply thankful. Thanx so much for your presence and listening to the real sound in us.

    Lena Grabowski
    Inner potential facilitator. Studio for Creativity & Holistic Health

  • Working with Kara is something special. When I began to have problems with my singing voice during my work at Theater des Westens, a prominent theater in the center of Berlin, someone sent me to Kara. I had never received singing instruction before and had no idea what to expect. I had to explain to her that I had no classical education, but she did not let that get in her way. By drawing from within me she helped me bring my voice back. Kara taught me that vocal training is not solely about technique, but also about the importance of inner sense and emotional presence. A good singer is not made up by technique alone.It takes emotion and honesty together.

    Vaile Fuchs
    Actress, singer-songwriter, author and producer