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  • Enjoy a selection of Kara's latest interviews with significance and potential impact on the mind-body-spirit system through the power of words, music and voice. All select interviews are first announced in Kara's Voice Your Essence eZine. Signup today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates.

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  • Voice Healing Interview

  • In diesem Interview erzhählt uns Kara Johnstad wie sehr unsere Stimme zur Selbst- und auch Welt-Heilung beitragen kann. Sie ist Singer & Songwriterin und arbeitet seit vielen Jahren als Stimm-Coach.


  • Be The Expression

  • Radio Interview. Kara share's with her fans in Mexico. 

  • Backstage at Kara Johnstad – in search of the inner voice

    Written by Katharina Menzel GILDE DER ABENTEURERINNEN MAGAZIN Translated from German into English.  Berlin. I push through Berlin's streets as fast as a sloth. Not even two minutes after the city limit sign, nothing moves nothing at all. Thanks to my friend Rainald Grebe, since I've been living in Brandenburg, I've always had enough food and drink with me - so we can camp out here for a [...]

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    Global Heart Magazine: Interview with Kara Johnstad

    First published in the Global Heart Magazin by Esther Haasnoot  An interview with singer-songwriter Kara Johnstad about her new album “Moon in Capricorn”May you have the courage to persevere and stay true to your inner voice and clearest vision of how we may create a healthy and vibrant world. Stay Gold! – Kara Johnstad Esther Haasnoot: People with the astrological sign, [...]

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    Claim Your Voice, Claim Your Magic

    The "Be the Expression" Interview Series was launched by Margarit Brigham to help empower humanity through conscious storytelling. In this episode we talk about the magic of reclaiming your voice. You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your self-worthiness. Margarit asked me to share with you some simple yet powerful [...]

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    REVOICE OF GERMANY Interview <br> with Kara Johnstad

    I very much enjoyed giving an interview for the REVOICE OF GERMANY Competition that is currently taking place in Germany. If you are working in the industry and love to sing, you too can participate! Big prizes and great fun! Voice Your Essence and touch the world. Simply click the button below to go directly to the Interview. At the end of the article, you will find all of the details you need to[...]

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    #614 Music by Trish Torline, Darcy Jeavons, Jan Seides, Rada Neal, Carlene Thissen, Anne-Marie Lax, Lynz Crichton, Carol Nicodemi, Kara Johnstad, Maryann Punkett (writers Bluestone Sisters), Martha Reich, Rehya Stevens

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    RADIO INTERVIEW - now live. Below is the link to this weeks interview I did on Conscious Thought with Leo this past week. Magdalena and I had a great time sharing thoughts on the Voice Vortex Energies, Songwriting, my new releases and the role music and voice has in creating world peace. Share the love.  "Conscious Thought with Leo" with Magdalena Winkler and guest  Kara Johnstad, [...]

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    Kara Talks With Dr. Rudy on the Sacred Science of Sound

    The show today will go further into the science and spirit of the sacred word in frequency and form. Discover how an enlightened voice can not only upgrade one's heart-mind connection, but also, counterbalance the lower vibration of thousands who are stuck in negativity. Welcome Kara Johnstad to Cosmic LOVE with Your Presence! Guest Biography:  Kara Johnstad is a 'voice visionary' who grew up[...]

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    The Journey 8 Radio Show with special guest Kara Johnstad

    Listen in to The Journey 8 radio show of Aug 1, 2016 with a live interview of Kara where she answers questions on VOICE and why it is core to wellness and understanding our true calling here on earth. "There a way of singing that is constricted and contrived and there is a way of singing that brings you inside of infinity." Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad sits down with Reverend Judy Hosner and[...]

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    Kara Johnstad on The Interviewer at Berniecrats Radio

    In these fractured times of division we dare to take the vital decision to pit grace against greed, give the earth back what she needs, usher in a new world of peace as we unite in our plight. This show is an interview show where a number of different type of poltical, entertainment, economic, and social personalities are interviewed. On this interview we have a special guest from the [...]

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    Kara Johnstad on The Journey 8 with Rev Judy Hosner

    Listen in to The Journey 8 radio show of July 18, 2016 with a live interview of Kara where she answers questions on VOICE and why it is core to wellness and understanding our true calling here on earth. "There a way of singing that is constricted and contrived and there is a way of singing that brings you inside of infinity." Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad sits down with Reverend Judy Hosner [...]

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    Berniecrats Radio Show talks with Kara Johnstad

    Tune in this Sunday, July 10th to the  Berniecrats Radio Show. Kara will be talking live with host Antoine Smith on art, music and how we can tap in and tune into Message of HOPE.  She will share with the listening audience her  2 new releases Spirit Walk and We Have a Choice and her thoughts on the Bernie Sanders movement and the role that voice plays in the political revolution [...]

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    Awaken Your Magic Through the Power of Voice

    Listen in to my tele-summit at the Awaken Magic Summit and discover how to align your self to your true calling by tuning your voice. Raise your frequency and tap into a field of abundance and success.   Enjoy 15 magical talks by leading visionaries, authors and coaches, including Marc Allen. Amethyst Wyldfyre, Mary Mackley, Joy Reichard, Bridget Ferguson, Shalini Yamdagin, Steven [...]

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    Cosmic Love Show Interviews Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad

    This week on Cosmic Love Show,   I will discuss the voice in all its power, wisdom and love – the carrier of frequencies and encoded thought forms behind the science of epigenetics which has proven that our DNA is reprogrammable by frequencies and words.  How is the voice a transmitter of ‘heart coherence’ – a connection with Source that conveys co-Creation [...]

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    A Conversation with Kara Johnstad | Scribble Radio

    Last week I sat down and had a great conversation with Neil Fagan, over at Scribble Radio.  We went from the fields of Wisconsin, where I grew up, to talking about living a life as a songwriter in Berlin, Germany, a major European city I call home.  Neil asked questions and tapped into my work as a , singer-songwriter, voice expert and mentor to thousands of voices.  I I shared with him my [...]

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    Achtsamkeit in der digitalen Zeit

    Ein Interview von Lilian Güntsche mit Kara Johnstad„WIR HABEN NICHT NUR EINEN LINKE-MAUS-CLICK“ Nachdem wir bereits die Ehre hatten Euch den Technologie- und Social Media Experten Daniel Doherty und Achtsamkeitsprofi und Yoga Lehrer Andreas Gläßer vorzustellen, haben wir nun ein weiteres Interview für Euch. Dieses mal haben wir mit der inspirierenden Voice Visionärin und [...]

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    The BEING CARRIED Interview

    Enjoy this XXL interview of Carina Riethmüller with voice visionary, singer-songwriter Kara Johnstad on growing up as a highly sensitive and creative individual and how her extraordinary gifts shaped her life as an artist.Du möchtest lieber die deutsche Version des Interviews lesen? >>Hier geht's zum Script Carina Riethmüller, psychological counselor and coach   [...]

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    Vom Sonderling zur Stimmgröße: Wie Kara Johnstad ihren Weg als Künstlerin fand

    Sobald in Berlin der Name "Kara Johnstad" fällt, stellt sich bei vielen ein zustimmendes Kopfnicken ein: Vor allem in der Jazz- und Weltmusikszene ist die amerikanische Singer-Songwriterin mit der großen Stimme ein offener Geheimtipp. Auf der Bühne entpuppt sie sich als wahres Energiebündel, das ihr Publikum tief berührt und mitreißt; als erfolgreicher Vocal Coach unterstützt sie mit ihrem [...]

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    Pink Coattails Interview 047

    What does it mean to be a Pink Coattails entrepreneurial woman? For Kara Johnstad, founder of Voice Your Essence™ this means bringing the power of the voice…with all of its beautiful and mysterious capabilities, to everyone, regardless if they think they can sing, or not. Please join us as Kara tells the story behind her biggest mindset challenge, takes us behind the scenes in her business, [...]

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    kulturradio rbb – THE VOICE

    von Montag bis Sonnabend bietet die Sendung spannende Vielfalt an bekannten Stimmen, entdeckt lange nicht Gehörtes, führt vor, was forever good, interessant und neu ist. Jeweils ein halbstündiges Sängerporträt, quer durch Kontinente und Genres. Kunstvolle Stimmen in allen nur denkbaren Varianten - ein ästhetischer Genuss, den Sie sich gönnen sollten, eine ideale Ruhestrecke, die nach der [...]

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    A Veteran Jazz Musician

      Contemporary jazz artist Kara Johnstad discusses her influences and music during our telephone interview from Berlin, Germany. Singer, songwriter, recording artist, producer, professional Internet radio host and jazz sophisticate, Kara Johnstad, a third generation entertainment professional, is well-versed in classic melodies. A Veteran Jazz Musician But Hard To Categorize Kara Johnstad, who [...]

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