• In these fractured times of division we dare to take the vital decision
    to pit grace against greed, give the earth back what she needs,
    usher in a new world of peace as we unite in our plight.

  • This show is an interview show where a number of different type of poltical, entertainment, economic, and social personalities are interviewed. On this interview we have a special guest from the entertainment industry. Her name is Kara Johnstad from Berlin Germany. 

    Host John Michael Joseph and Special Guest Host Antoine Smith

  • Kara speaks on the Bernie Sanders movement. What role does the voice have to play in a political movement which is shaping our world? We have a chance to bring the 99 percent together and create a better earth. We are in a great time in history. We have the choice. Do we chose love or hate? We know about the issues. So what is the action that we take to contribute to ushering a new age of peace and prosperity for all.