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  • Invite Kara to perform:  Feminine Leadership Conferences, Yoga Festivals, Visionary Conferences and Spiritual Retreats and Gatherings. 


  • Kara talks on the power of voice. From voice care and repair to how to use the voice to tap into a highly abundant creative field, Kara offers keynote talks and keynote concerts.


  • Invite Kara to your organization or community for a group event. Kara's live events are dedicated to bringing people together through music. 


  • Your path to understanding your core ESSENCE begins with understanding
    your personal sound. Say yes to a voice that you love. 



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  • Kara unterrichtet in English und Deutsch

    Als international gefragter Personal Coach lehrt Kara Johnstad seit 1985 „Voice“ und Artist Development“, davon 7 Jahre als Lehrbeauftragte und Mitglied des Prüfungsausschusses der international renommierten Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin. Ihr Expertenwissen basiert auf ihrer künstlerisch-praktischen und wissenschaftlichen Berufsbildung im Hauptfach Gesang Jazz-/Popularmusik, Schauspiel und Theater sowie berufspraktischen Erfahrungen aus ihrer 30jährigen Bühnenkarriere (Konzerte, Studio, Big Band, Orchester) als Gesangssolistin, Komponistin, Textdichterin und Musikproduzentin. Zur Vermittlung ihrer Lehrinhalte nutzt Kara Johnstad u.a. das von ihr entwickelte Programm VOICE YOUR ESSENCE™.

  • I got to know Kara Johnstad as a very sensitive and professional coach.

    She draws on a vast repertoire of techniques, psychological knowledge, and spiritual wisdom according to the requirements of the moment and demonstrates how to pass it on in a wonderful way. Her philosophy is that training and coaching can only be successful if they are tailored specifically to each individual, promote personal strengths, joy of learning and encourage longterm personal change.

    The best thing about Kara Johnstad is of course her credibility. Did you ever hear of any other vocal coach with such a strong, sensitive and flexible voice? Pure Hollywood!

    Kara Johnstad - A must for any singer.

    Karin Kuschik
    President and founder of Coachange, a leading training & consultancy firm

  • If you are wondering if an intensive with Kara is worth it, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

    I had no idea that my singing voice had everything to do with my personal ability to express myself whole heartedly in all areas of my life. As a film director, communication is key, specificity is paramount to getting the vision in my head out and onto film.

    I had no idea when I began Kara's Voice Your Essence™ program "for fun" that it would have such an impact on my work and in my personal life, it was a result that was completely unexpected.

    I travel a great deal. I am thrilled that Kara is live streaming her workshops and coaching sessions so that I can train where ever I am in the world, be it LA, NY, or Berlin.

    Kara is the real deal, you will learn to use your "voice" in more ways than you could ever imagine.

    Mattio Martinez
    President of Twistville; filmmaker, writer, chief designer of motion picture spectacles.

  • Kara Johnstad helps others recognize and connect with their own intuition, potential and purpose. An acclaimed singer,songwriter, voice expert and healer, charismatic broadcast personality, poet, and recording artist, Kara uses her extraordinary spiritual gifts to empower clients to live lives that are ‘awake and authentic’ and to create a reality that is spiritual, deliberate and meaningful.

    It’s been said that what makes Kara Johnstad different is her microscopic honesty. She doesn’t hold back. Her work is about the objective truth, and you can feel her laser beam clarity cut through to your inner most core and awaken the deep rich landscapes that have slumbered. Guiding you to find your voice in this world.

    Jaijai Jackson aka. “Woman of Jazz”
    Creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide

  • As I began training with Kara Johnstad, I never dreamed how much my life would change!

    What a voice! What an incredibly fulfilling feeling to experience individual classes.

    Coaching without constraint, without pressure and aiming for goals. It was for me then and remains for me today, an unbelievable experience! I have gained the confidence to know, that my voice is not only heard, but that in can inspire. If one feels, the voice open up.

    I don’t know how Kara does it, but she does it. She keeps a perfect balance between so free, so possible, so accurate and so important. I have become familiar with various schools of training, even in NYC the home of musical. I have never felt so uplifted at any of those schools as I have with Kara.

    She has supported me in ALL phases of my artistic path. Voice building, interpretation, repertoire, performance, songwriting, goal setting, album production and recently I have ventured into writing books and that too, with great success! I am now a published author and working on my third novel! WOW ! It just keeps getting better.

    Yes, Kara motivates and inspires. As a coach and mentor, she removes all doubts.

    Best-selling author, singer, songwriter

  • Kara deeply enjoys imparting her love for the voice.

    Voice Your Essence is committed to growth and empowerment of spiritual leaders, luminaries, creative conscious entrepreneurs and independent artists who sense that their voice is the missing link to personal power, authenticity and presence.