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  • Kara Johnstad is an inspirational speaker, voice visionary, acclaimed singer-songwriter and author leading VoiceYourEssence™ programs to empower creative conscious individuals and organizations.

    How do you use your voice in our world?
    Are you comfortable speaking your truth? Do you feel relaxed sharing your insights with a big audience? If you belong to an organization, does your organization have a clear mission and speak with one voice? Imagine the world where the people behind projects were connected to a clear balanced tone. Things would move forward more quickly and with ease. Imagine the world where no one was afraid of sharing their wisdom and vision.

    Do you feel that your voice is not enough? Think about it. The breath and the voice are the connecting links in any room full of people Through Kara's revolutionary voice work, you will experience what it feels like to own a clear resonant voice that carries your ideas and passion out into our world. A voice that can move an audience and create strong relationships. Located between heart and mind, your voice is the axis from which you design your life. Think about it, whether you are writing a memo, having a phone call. talking to your partner or speaking in front of millions. Your voice carries your message out into the world. The oneness experienced when we are at one with our voice and at peace with our stories is mind-blowing.

    Become an authentic leader by Voicing Your Essence.
    With Kara's Voice Your Essence method you will learn to reconnect to your true calling and authentic voice. Get ready to lose all fear of singing and speaking in front of an audience. By learning to access your "voice vortex" energy and embrace your stories you automatically tap into a wellspring of ideas and a highly creative and abundant field of consciousness. The result is a complete alignment with your passion and purpose.

    The voice is the driving force behind all projects and new creations. With Kara you will get a multi-dimensional voice expert. She is highly trained in scientific methods and draws from a vast experience in connecting the body-mind-spirit system through voice.


    Kara will guide you, your team and your organization to bring your true authentic voice out into the world; her VoiceYourEssence™ and VoiceYourBiz™ workshops and training programs are committed to growth and empowerment of creative conscious entrepreneurs, leaders, luminaries, and organizations who sense that their voice is the missing link to personal power, authenticity and presence. 

    Kara’s charismatic presence is not only infectious for her audience at her concerts but she also captures the imagination of her participants with her originality, spontaneity and deep commitment to the potential of human growth through the power of voice. 



  • Book Kara for your event. Kara speaks and performs around the world inspiring diverse audiences of 10 to 1,000 people ranging from conscious growth events to corporate executive teams, boards and entire organisations, to universities, hospitals, schools, business and entrepreneurship forums and at major national and international conferences and public events. She is available for consulting for organisations providing keynotes, performances, leadership and innovation workshops, connections and strategic advice. She helps organisations build capabilities in creative thinking and leadership, develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, understand and manage disruption, foster diversity and community and unleash potential of individuals and teams.



    Suggested KeynoteTalk: 20 min

    Unleash Unlimited Creative Energy - Voice as the  Missing Link to More Abundance and Success.

    Each of us has access to an infinite amount of energy. Each of us has an inner compass and a true calling. When we are in alignment with that calling we are filled with passion and are highly productive. Ignited. Learn the power behind Voice. How to use the voice vortex energies to transform health. relationships and tap into an infinite creative conscious field with success. In this keynote, Kara shares with us how activating the voice energy and unlocking the voice code reconnects us with a powerful conscious creative field and be present in the Power of Now.

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    Create a long-lasting effect by combining Kara's keynote talk with the Voice Activation™ workshop.

    Combining this keynote talk with the VOICE VORTEX™ Workshop will help your team and organisation build capabilities in creative thinking and leadership, promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, help understand and manage stress levels, find better balance and communication, foster community and unleash potential of individuals and teams.

    THE VOICE ACTIVATION Double Pack includes:

    Keynote Talk + 3 hours of The Voice Activation™ Workshop