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    The music of the orchestral album "Moon In Capricorn" was performed by two great symphonic orchestras, the 60-piece Concertissimo Orchestra in Bucharest (Romania) and the 40-piece Concertissimo Orchestra in Rome (Italy), a string quartet and numerous renowned top musicians. About 120 (!!) people participated in the creation of this one of a kind artistic album. 

    • Fabrizio Pigliucci
      + Producer
      + Orchestrations 
      + Arrangements
      + Orchestra conducting
      + Composer of the song "Message Of Hope"
      + Mix
      + Piano, acoustic guitar, cavaquinho, udu, brushes, Scottish pipe, Irish whistle, duduk & little percussions

    • Kara Johnstad
      + Composer
      + Lyricist
      + Solo Vocalist
      + Piano, recorded by Marco Birkner in Berlin (Germany)
      + Producer
      + Publisher

    • Laura Lungu
      General manager & artistic director of the Concertissimo Orchestra

    • Fabio Ferri
      + Recording at the Bucharest Film Studios (former MediaPro Studios) in Romania
      + Mix & mastering at the Millennium Studio in Rome (Italy)

    • Simone Ciammarughi
      Recording at the HRS Studio in Rome (Italy)

    •  Fabrizio Bono, Elvin Dimitri, Marcello Sirignano and Giuseppe Tortora
      + String quartett
      + Recorded by Fabio Ferri at thge Centro Artistico Internazionale 'Il Girasole', Nettuno (Rome), courtesy of Simone Barraco and Dora D'Agostino
    • Jurij Ricotti
      Classic guitar on the song "Yearnings"
    • Gianluca D'Alessio
      + Acoustic guitars
      + Recorded by Fabrizio Vanni at the School Of Rock, Ostia (Rome)
    • Giancarlo Pigliucci
      Electric guitar on the song "Zig Zag"
    • Adamo de Santis
    • Tommaso Vivaldi
      Sax soprano
    • Susanna Valloni
      Flute soloist on the instrumental version of the song "Message of Hope"
  • A Message by Fabrizio Pigliucci

    FINALLY!! ORCHESTRAL ALBUM ′′ MOON IN CAPRICORN ′′ POSTED!!! I am extremely proud to announce the release of this incredible album, by American artist Kara Johnstad and with my arrangements/orchestrations/production, a pop album with a film sound, rich in intense and emotional songs (including the song "Message Of Hope", which I wrote), boasting the use of two great symphonic orchestras, a string quartet, numerous top musicians, mix and analog mastering, for a total of about 120 people (!!). It's more incredible to say, it's a self-production, realized without the stupid limits of every kind and the dullness of record companies, without a gag, without following fashion or cliches, without the brake on the heart. A story of friendship, freedom, affection, true music.

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  • Music

    "Kara is known for her powerful voice and deep musical soulful expression. She touches on universal themes that affect us all, so that the heart's cry can be spoken to and released to its natural form and rediscovered for an empowering existence"

  • Previous Releases

  • Love Never Fails

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    LOVE NEVER FAILS celebrates the power of everlasting love. Based on St. Paul’s universal prayer, 1 Corinthians 13:4. Recorded in Rome with the Concertissimo Orchestra conducted by Fabricio Pigliucci.

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  • River

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    RIVER is a transformational song about the beauty of grace descending just at the moment when we are being pulled under by fear.

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  • Wild Garden

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    Wild Garden is a transformational song about reconnecting to the powerful feminine energies and embracing our sensuality. A powerful voice and the purity of a grand piano.

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  • The Awakening

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    The purity of unbridled vocal power, the simplicity of a grand piano, and the poetry that poured through during a deep transformational awakening. Kara opens her journals to the world.

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  • Journey Me Home

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    JOURNEY ME HOME is a love affair. Do you secretly desire to be “journeyed home“ on your next vacation? "Truly, Poetry Has Never Sounded So Delicious."

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  • Searching For An Angel

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    “I don’t remember being born and have yet to die. And yet I do remember when the two collided.” This song engages us on a frequency of faith, hope, love, and deep healing.

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  • Silence Is The Journey

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    SILENCE IS THE JOURNEY is a hymn. Soulful and passionate, it captures the pure essence of faith, hope and love, It gives strength to continue through the darkest nights. Faith is a powerful prayer.

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  • Release

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    RELEASE is an intimate ballad. Kara's voice leads us back to a sweet release. A place of deep let-go. A place of eternal love and deep acceptance. A place called home.

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  • You Got Mail

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    YOU GOT MAIL celebrates the odd sensation of falling in love in virtual reality and trying to figure out which part of the equation is real?

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  • Blame Game

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    It is lame to blame. Kara’s boundless passion is heard in this well-crafted and boldly written song, as she brings her sweet soul into a painful situation and flips the Blame Game on its back, and finally flies free.

    Apple Music | Spotify | Amazon | Lyrics

  • Heal Me, Hold Me

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    Is it possible to deeply heal, after you have been deeply wronged? Heal Me Hold Me is a song that takes us where so few have been allowed to enter and brings light where few have dared sing.

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  • Heal Me, Hold Me
    extended version

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    Is it possible to deeply heal, after you have been deeply wronged? Heal Me Hold Me is a song that takes us where so few have been allowed to enter and brings light where few have dared sing.

    Apple Music | Spotify | Amazon | Lyrics

  • Fine Tune Your Inner Voice

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    A Guided Meditation for Transformation and Happiness

    Unlock the power of your intuition. Fine-tune your inner voice and unleash your destiny.

    Apple Music  | Amazon

  • Spirit Walk - FREE DOWNLOAD

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    Spirit Walk is a prescient battle cry from the new world we can create together. Use this Chant to reconnect to your divine self and stay focused and full of energy as we usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for all.



    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    A Guided Meditation to Experience More Love and Well-Being.

    Experience more self-love and confidence with ease. 

    Apple Music

  • Voice Your Abundance

    © Copyright - Kara Johnstad

    Healing guided meditation for deepening your intuition, strengthening your heart coherence, and empowering you to bring your full voice out into the world.

    Apple Music

  • There is an awakened state, like a divine scepter, that is troubling the waters of this wounded world. This song is the sound of those waters, reminding us to rise-up and dip our tired bodies in the healing pool while in the presence of angels. We have a choice.!!!

    Steve Cole - author

  • A truly inspiring anthem from renowned singer-songwriter known for her songs Message of Hope; Love Never Fails and Spirit Walk. “one of the most exciting and original voices of her generation. A messenger for peace:

    Laura Robson - Author and Coach

  • Kara Johnstad once again hits the mark of speaking truth and inspiring change in this world that needs it so desperately. Her words illuminate and uplift the conditions we can leave to the history books, once we embrace~We Have a Choice!

    Rev. Victoria Willoughby

  • With more than 100 songs written, all of which she has produced and published under her own indie label, Kara Johnstad is an acclaimed artist with "... something of a female Leonard Cohen song writing sensibility and who is truly hard to categorize" as music critique Paul Wolfle best describes her unique signature sound.

  • Kara Johnstad ist sicherlich eine der erstaunlichsten Künstlerinnen, die ich erleben durfte - die CDs sind absolut empfehlenswert!

    Derzeit veröffentlicht Kara Johnstad neue e-Singels, jeder davon ein Hit. Ich freue mich jeden Monat auf ihr e-zine, in dem sie die neuen Singels vorstellt.

    HADI Chanson aus Berlin

  • Sinnlich, gefühlvoll und stark: Kara stays Gold

    Kara Johnstad bezaubert mit sanften Jazz-Klängen, sinnlichen Balladen und ihrer großen Stimme. Die Stücke sind so angenehm weich, warm, voll und tief wie ein guter Rotwein. Karas Stimme geht ans Herz und unter die Haut; sanft wickelt sie die Seele ein und wärmt sie, wie eine weiche Decke an einem regnerischen Herbsttag. Ihre Texte berühren. Sie erzählen Geschichten, die wir erlebt haben, und doch nicht in Worte fassen können.

    Dieses Album ist ein Seelenstreichler, eine Wohltat für Herz und Ohren.

    Nehmen Sie sich etwas Zeit, um selbst herauszufinden, was ich meine. Legen Sie diese Platte ein, legen Sie die Beine hoch. Kreuzen Sie für ein paar stille Momente die Wege mit Kara Johnstad, lassen Sie sich von ihr an die Hand nehmen, lassen Sie mit ihr die Seele wandern und die Gedanken treiben.

    Sie werden bereichert, - vergoldet, - zurückkommen.


  • Kara’s performance is in a word masterful. It isn’t merely Johnstad’s outstanding voice that helps sell the songs that might crumble in the hands of a lesser artist, but her ability for phrasing that is at times other-worldly in its brilliance, as well as unquestionably perfect pitch and definitive command of the stage.This humble writer couldn’t possibly express more strongly the importance of seeing Kara Johnstad when next she graces New York with an on-stage appearance. In point of fact, and for lack of a better expression, she will simply blow your mind. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she is THAT good.

    Andrew Martin, Nitelife Exchange, New York City

  • The voice of Kara Johnstad is really outstanding It doesn't matter whether she soars into the beyond or whispers like an angel. One understands fully that she must have trained a long time and with success.

    Jazzdimensions Magazine

  • Kara Johnstad is no stranger to transforming hearts through her music...her range of style appeals to all listeners...she is an advocate for change in ways that heightens the human spirit. Lucky for us, we get the chance to close our eyes, sense the meaning of her lyrics as she so dynamically approaches each measure of music. I for one stand behind anything her spirit leans to, for she is engaging all of us on a frequency of heart, hope, love and understanding through her music, which is her best way to encourage the masses with her "Message Of Hope" for all. Thank you Kara for always listening to the truth of your soul, for it truly comes out in your musical expression.

    JaiJai Jackson
    Creator of the Jazz Network Worldwide

  • Your voice is out of this world. I hear a great soulfulness, and incredible power. You can blow up the world with that voice.

    Brunie Feliciano, NYC, NY

  • Rich with emotion & very captivating in vibe. Kara Johnstad is a true translator of songs from the heart with masterful delivery.

    Women of Substance Radio, USA

  • Johnstad, who has something of a female Leonard Cohen song writing sensibility…. is truly hard to categorize.

    Paul Wolfle, Music Interview Magazine

  • Explosive! What a voice! Kara Johnstad is brilliant… a total range of feelings!

    BILD, Germany's largest newspaper