• Fabrizio Pigliucci

    A message by Fabrizio Pigliucci


    I am extremely proud to announce the release of this incredible album, by American artist Kara Johnstad and with my arrangements/orchestrations/production, a pop album with a film sound, rich in intense and emotional songs (including the song "Message Of Hope", which I wrote), boasting the use of two great symphonic orchestras, a string quartet, numerous top musicians, mix and analog mastering, for a total of about 120 people (!!).
    It's more incredible to say, it's a self-production, realised without the stupid limits of every kind and the dullness of record companies, without gag, without following fashion or cliches, without brake on the heart. A story of friendship, freedom, affection, true music.

  • All of this meant 10 years of waiting, the album repeatedly announced, in front of my quick preproduction finished in 2009, to find the right synergies, performances, exchanges, money, collaborations, overcome the inevitable problems, and much Nothing that helps to create such an ambitious album, that I pride myself on saying it has very few equal in global discography, especially today where everything is synthetic and easy and quick to consume.

    Hearing all the songs in line in the studio finally completed, I cried with beauty, and not just me...

    I sincerely thank ALL the top musicians, many of them dear friends, who lent their art to this project

    - 60-piece Concertissimo Bucharest orchestra in Romania

    - 40-piece Rome Concertissimo Orchestra

  • both for the impeccable organization of Laura Lungu ( Concertissimo Agenzia Spettacoli )

    Recorded by Simone Ciammarughi Bucarest HRS studio in Rome and Fabio Ferri Ferri BRS studio in Bucharest

    - String Quartet: Fabrizio Bono (violin 1), Elvin Dhimitri (violin 2), Marcello Sirignano (viola), Giuseppe Tortora (cello) recorded at the 'International Artistic Center' Il Sunflower ' (Neptune) by Simone Barraco and Dora D'Agostino

    - Jurij Ricotti on classic guitar

    - Gianluca D'Alessio on acoustic guitar recorded by Fabrizio Vanni) School Of Rock (Ostia)

    - Giancarlo Pigliucci (my dad) on electric guitar

    - Adamo de Santis on drums

    - Tommaso Vivaldi at soprano sax

    - Kara Johnstad on piano and voice recorded between Rome and Berlin by Marco Birkner, Fabio Ferri and myself

    - Fabrizio Pigliucci with orchestrations, arrangements, conducting, production, mix, piano, acoustic guitar, cavaquinho, udu, brushes, bagpipes, Irish whistle, duduk and small percussion

    - Fabio Ferri for mixing and analogue mastering at the Millennium studio (Rome)

    I thank Marco Migliari for Peter Gabriel's very prestigious Real World Studios in London for the patience he had in his time in listening and giving advice, and for the esteem shown me more times I'm proud of..

    Finally I thank Kara Johnstad and the sky for making this wonderful person and artist choose me from the immense sea of MySpace when FB didn't exist yet, many many years ago, to become a dearest friend over the years and go a long way together..

    Fabrizio Pigliucci