• Last week I sat down and had a great conversation with Neil Fagan, over at Scribble Radio. 

    We went from the fields of Wisconsin, where I grew up, to talking about living a life as a songwriter in Berlin, Germany, a major European city I call home. 

    Neil asked questions and tapped into my work as a , singer-songwriter, voice expert and mentor to thousands of voices.  I I shared with him my passion for  "birthing things" and opening voice channels.

  • Truth is, whether I am birthing my own poems and songs or creating space for others to birth their creations, the essence is the same. Drop the fear and enter into the presence of LOVE.

    Yes, re-listening to the interview, I have to smile. The heart-felt connection to radio host, Neil and what Scribble is about made me bubble up and over. I found myself talking a bit too fast at times. A babbling brook. Why? Because the world needs not only radio stations broadcasting poetry, but also artist communities where poets share their work. Scribble is both. A community that grows through my principles of sharing-caring-daring. 

    The zany, the prolific, the wild hearts, the deep souls.


  • There is a poetry revolution happening that is changing our world.

  • In a world where main stream media gives attention and precious "airwave" time  to angry mouths that use words to bash and ignite violence and fear. Corporate media that calls rough splattered verse "leadership" and continually promotes stories that make me shiver with shame. These are the the exact same words writers and poets use. Simply twisted into vines of hate. In this world, we need the poet's tongue. For a poet can take the same words and turn them into gold. 
    This is the gift of the poet. Alchemy. 

    As s a visionary and keeper of words, I honor the poetry revolution which is awakening mankind.

    For what can the words do to defend themselves when they are strewn out into the world and pushed out over the tongue of  power-hungry monsters? Nothing. Words are innocent. Our inner-sense. Words themselves are helpless. We are the helpers of words. The mid-wives. The gardeners.

    People give life to language. People are keeper of the "power of words." 

    Play with fire and you get burned. Play with words and you too can burn down a house. Words can destroy. Words can divide. Or as a poet knows. Words can unite. Words can behold. Words can uplift.

    Words are light. Use them to warm your heart or be burned to a cinder.

    Choose wisely which voices you tune into and allow to penetrate your skin. 

  • Words are begging the poets and songwriters to rescue them back.

  • Today, words are down on their knees praying to be heard and honored.  Are you listening? Bravo. 

    Poet's are gathering. We have much work to do. Out here in the fields, for every word of hatred thrown into our world, you will need to speak  and share 100 words of LOVE. This is how life works. It is the golden rule. This is the BALANCE and HARMONY we speak of as artists. You need 90 percent love for every 10 percent of hatred. 

    The rose petal is softer and more tender than a rock. Both have their relevance. Yet the rose petal needs more space surrounding it to blossom. 

    The same is with hatred and love. Hate and anger can destroy the tendrils of a soft word. And yet it is the silent prayers we recall in the moment darkness descends. When hatred walks in and things fall apart, it is the music that waltzes in to lift us up and the poetry puts us back together. 

    Harm or Harmony - we choose. Remember, you hear hatred and see ugliness staring you in the face, as a poet you need to whip out your pen and start writing strong and fast words that transform the scene from the beastly obscene to the magnificent clean. 

    Today, I lift my eyes to the spring. I smile with the full moon. 

  • Amidst the media channels that are filling our living rooms with hate, projecting words that alienate,  asserting conflict and war and glorified gore, I find deep solace knowing that there pockets of communities creating a  grass roots POETRY movement.  

    Yes, we are anchoring the belief I hold true. Beauty will save our world. Anchor. In that word is the word CHOR. In German it is CHOIR, in English, CORE. Heart. Song.

    The artists continue to carve a path to the heart of mankind. 

  • Words are powerful. Words can hurt and harm, oh but be aware, words can heal. Words can uplift. Words are how we move out of the dark forests of the night and into the clearing. 

    We need most in these times of turmoil,  conversations and works of art that awaken us to come TOGETHER and design a creative conscious world.


    Unlocking the mysteries of the piano (teaching poets and singers to play piano in one day )  Yup - it is possible. 

    Opening the VOICE CHANNEL - Why I am passionate about VOICE.

    The story behind my  Poem "Loving You." and why we need to die in order to be born time and time again.

    Why I use SOUL MAPPING to create form.

    Living in the highly creative city of Berlin and its ability to tumble down walls and transform time and time again.

    My rendezvous with the songs of Michel Legrand, and how my project Le Grand Love,  gave me the courage to take my own work to the level it deserved and produce the next symphonic album, Moon in Capricorn

  • MOON IN CAPRICORN ALBUM  is in final production and to be released 2016. It is My life's work. Laughter, sweat and tears. No, blood No no no. My compositions and poetry have been exquisitely orchestrated by the highly gifted arranger and composer Fabrizio Pigliucci and I am backed by the Concertissimo Orchestra under that direction of Laura Lungu and Fabio Ferri. An international love affair. 7 years of writing and flying back and forth and balancing concerts and mentoring voices with my own writing sessions. 

    In essence I have the greatest team of friends and the top professionals on the planet that I can wish for, and I feel very blessed. Not only to be bringing out the next album, but to be able to continue my work as a mystic and visionary with like minded souls. 

    For the misfits in the house that know the feeling of being a bit ahead of the times or out of sync with the times, you will GET the deep relief one feels, when you feel that you are not ALONE in the winds. In the last 5 years I have found my soul family and we are creating meaningful works of art. This nourishes any dry brittle bones left in my body. In my work as a mentor to voices changing our world, I see daily, there are many of us. 


    We are gathering. We are dropping the chains and breaking free of any mind-sets that have been keeping poets and independent artists small. We RISE. 

    This is what I sense over at SCRIBBBLE: TALENT. Compassion. Caring. Kindness. Exactly the things artists need to stay committed to the path we walk, daily. 

     Yes, we arrive in this strange land of OZ and at some time we are going to go. In between your first and last breath, may you give birth to many poems, songs, conversations, visions and friendships.  May the beauty of what you do and who you are, drive you. 

  • Thanks again Scribble Radio for the wonderful talk. For all the poets, songwriters and mystics, stay true to your inner voice and strongest vision. 


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    KARA JOHNSTAD IS KNOWN AS A VISIONARY,  SINGER-SONGWRITER AND MENTOR TO VOICES CHANGING OUR WORLD Kara works with luminaries, healers, new thought leaders and creative conscious souls to realign their voice to their true calling. She gives them tools to raise their vibrational frequency and tap into an abundant field of creative energy.  Kara's most downloaded songs are Message of Hope, Love Never Fails and Thank You. Passionate about transforming the world through voice, Kara is available for interviews, concerts, online sessions and training. Her monthly ezine goes out to 10.000 spirit driven souls and includes her Voice Your Essence Podcast. Join the community and experience how to align your body-mind-spirit system through voice. For free articles and teachings go to:  www.karajohnstad.com

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    Kara Johnstad at the Piano by Linda Gavin
    Collage; Mr. Steinway, Journal, Bookshelf Photo by Kara Johnstad
    I cradled my grief poem by Kara Johnstad
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    Kara Johnstad - singer.sonwriter.visionary photo by Joerg Grosser-Geldermann