• Listen in to The Journey 8 radio show of Aug 1, 2016 with a live interview of Kara where she answers questions on VOICE and why it is core to wellness and understanding our true calling here on earth.

    "There a way of singing that is constricted and contrived and there is a way of singing that brings you inside of infinity." Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad sits down with Reverend Judy Hosner and talks about themes that Kara shares with us on the Voice Your Essence podcasts. Themes such as 'How to Reclaim Your Creative Power through Voice?' 'What to do when you get rejected?' 'How to move through depression and into expression?' And, 'How finding your true voice aligns you with your true calling?'

    The Journey 8 is an inter-faith talk show that crosses the barriers of fear and hatred to find understanding and tolerance for all of God’s children. The Journey 8 was founded by Rev. Judy Hosner and is Co-Hosted by Wasif Qureshi. We dare to ask the questions that people are holding inside and will not, or cannot ask.