• Tune in this Sunday, July 10th to the  Berniecrats Radio Show. Kara will be talking live with host Antoine Smith on art, music and how we can tap in and tune into Message of HOPE.  She will share with the listening audience her  2 new releases Spirit Walk and We Have a Choice and her thoughts on the Bernie Sanders movement and the role that voice plays in the political revolution happening in the USA. How we can stay focused and empowered through these times of major shift? Call in and be part of the conversation.  

    The Berniecrats Radio Show

    It will be an amazing show.

  • Call in @ (914)205-5327 & press the #1 to speak to Kara.

    SHOWTIME:  PST 9:30 am - EST 12:30 pm  - CEST 6:30 pm
    Available globally. Check out local timezone at Time and Date 

  • Photo Kara Johnstad by Mad Fox Productoins
    Photo The Berniecrats Radio Show courtesy of Berniecrats Radio Show