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  • Make QUANTUM leaps in your personal voice practice. Experience more freedom, joy and integrity Experience VOICE as a path to healing and self-realization. Feel free again.

  • Become a Powerful SINGER


    ALIGN YOUR VOICE and be able to sing ANYTHING that your heart desires. Do you dream of having a bigger voice? A voice that is rich and full and reflects who you truly are? Would you like to sing high notes with ease? Do you desire to understand the sound prints needed to move between classical and pop, jazz and soul with the freedom even top professionals struggle with? Yes, it is possible. Expand your repertoire. Heal the break in your voice and understand POWER. Yes, and if you dream big enough - you can even SING your own STORY.  Yes - I also mentor Emerging SINGER - SONGWRITERS how to SING their deepest stories while keeping the THROAT WIDE OPEN. I guide you through understanding your voice as a journey to en-real-ment and enlightenment. 

    Voice Your Essence is a proven method that I have taught to thousands at top universities and at workshops and masterclasses around the world. The voice classes take you far beyond the traditional voice studies. We work at the piano with innovative warm-ups, ear-training, improvisation and repertoire with piano accompaniment or playback. Reading music is beneficial but not necessary.  

    Technique / Repertoire / Performance
    Jazz / Pop / Musical / Singer-Songwriter 

  • Get a Radiant Speaking Voice

    With Voice Yoga you will get the tools needed to possess a powerful Speaker's Voice.


    IDEAL for feminine leaders, teachers, healers, authors, yogis, creative conscious entrepreneurs, public speakers and anyone who wants to be heard.  Do you find yourself holding back? Do you struggle with the question of soul purpose and tighten when you have to speak up?  Perhaps it is hard for you to communicate your ideas and express what you feel.  Often exhausted and stressed out, you need a voice practice that will regenerate your voice, rejuvenate your soul AND take you to the highest performance level possible. If your inner voice is tugging at you to break free and drop your limitations,  then the  VOICE YOGA CLASSES are  perfect for you.

    Voice Yoga is a proven method that fuses ancient sound healing with cutting-edge voice engineering and you gain quickly the awareness for how the throat works and the mastery of tone and language.  The private sessions, which may be enhanced with guided meditations and a personally tailored practice, give you meaningful and long lasting change. The strength and confidence you feel can never be lost again. It is with you for life. 

    Throat Chakra Activation and Alignment / Spoken Word / Nurturing Sound and Silence 

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  • Kara has constructed an inspiring program, Find Your Courage Find Your Voice, focuses on the core elements that target the essence and the driving force in a life....speaking your unique truth, those important elements that give meaning to your existence. Each session moves us down a path of connection, courage, and compassion. We are not alone and our actions and voice have a rippling effect through this world. Speak what you love...Thank you, Kara for creating a message that enlightens the mind to give voice to our hearts. <3

    Robert Leary

  • Get a Radiant Singing Voice

    With Voice Yoga you will get a radiant voice that expresses who you really are.


    Ideal for Singers, Songwriters, Recording Artists, Yogis, Healers, Teachers, Voice Lovers and anyone who wants to awaken to their FULL VOICE potential.  Do you love to sing but struggle with cracks and breaks in your voice? When asked to sing solo, you find yourself slipping back into hiding. You suffer from stage fright. Perhaps you struggle with the question of soul purpose and tighten when you have to sing out? Truth be said, you would love to sing the high notes but when you try your throat tightens. Even the low notes seem to disappear on you.And yes, you are always running out of breath. You want more and you know that it is possible. 

    If you have answered yes to any of the above, you are a perfect match for VOICE YOGA. Receive a powerful and dynamic voice WITHOUT reading music or standing at the piano. VOICE YOGA gives you the top results you desire. Regenerate your voice, rejuvenate your soul and gain the greatest vocal freedom ever imagined

    Voice Yoga is a proven method that gives you meaningful and long lasting change. With happy clients all around the world, Kara has helped thousands of people tune into their soul's wisdom and transform their lives profoundly through tapping into the power of voice.

    Throat Chakra Activation and Alignment / Chants and Songs / Nurturing Sound and Silence 

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  • Get A Healthy Voice That Expresses Who You Are

    With Voice Yoga you will get the tools to heal your voice, nourish your soul and tap into the wisdom of your inner voice. 


    Ideal for anyone who wants to experience the healing oneness of TONE and BREATH. Do you struggle with constant overwhelm? Are you often exhausted and do not know why? Are you easily scattered ? Have you gone through a difficult time and feel a great pull to listen to  your inner voice? Does your voice simply lack in luster? Or seriously, have you injured your voice by using too much pressure?
    How would your life change if I told you that the voice is the key to regeneration, wellness and connecting back to source codes? What would be different if you knew that the voice can bring light into old wounds and support you to heal?  Learn to rebalance your Chakras and find your signature Sound. Be honest, your inner voice is tugging at you to break free and drop your limitations. Your voice is telling you that you are capable of much more. 

    Bring more flow and ease back into your life. Align yourself with the Universal Force and Tap into a huge field of creative energy. 

    This VOICE YOGA PRACTICE  brings in awareness and presence to feel deeply YOU. We work with tone and silence to re-balance the Chakra system and rejuvenate the spirit. Experience the Power of Now and bathe in the divine presence. 

    Throat Chakra Activation and Alignment / Healing Tones/ Chakra Rebalancing / Nurturing Sound and Silence

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  • When I had a radio interview with Kara in August on my at that time radio show Conscious thought with Leo, I was so impressed with her wisdom that I wanted to learn more about her work and signed up for this class. Little did I know that we will be blessed with this amazing offer so I am just enjoying the fruits of Courage to step forward. Excited to learn more and big thanks to Kara.

    Magdalena Winkler

  • Evening Voice Class - Group Class 90 min

    Wednesdays, 19:30 - 21:00 in Berlin-Zehlendorf: All Levels Class - Re-discover the joy of singing. Regenerate your voice, rejuvenate your soul and raise your frequency.

    This all-levels The Evening Voice Class class introduces you to elements of Voice Yoga, improvisation and song circle.  With candlelight, warm tea and Kara's Voice Warm-Up,  we create a space for mutual awakening. As we hone new skills and open our fifth Chakra, we also shift our perspective and gain access to a sacred vibrant field accessed through TONE and EMPOWERED WORD. Whether you are new to singing or have been singing for years, you will receive tools to deepen your practice and uplevel your voice. Experience a blend of deep relaxation,  vibrational sound healing, and voice regeneration. The 40-minute VOICE TECHNIQUE SERIES is followed by singing and chanting (East meets West )  and ends with Savasana.  After the class, you will feel refreshed and nourished for days. Say goodbye to stress.