• The throat Chakra, also called the Vishuddha Chakra or 5th chakra, is a gateway between our inner and outer worlds. Located directly above our heart, it is the first of the spiritual Chakras on the "Chakra ladder." 

    The treasure held within the throat Chakra is the energy to seek truth beyond the limitations of time and space, beyond the limitations of cultural or familial conditioning. 


  • Expressing your authentic self.

  • Speaking your truth.

  • Voicing your essence.

  • In Sanskrit, the throat chakra is also called the Vishudda Chakra. Vishudda means purifier. It is a gateway to the higher realms. The keywords associated with the throat chakra are creativity, self-expression, communication, and truth. It is linked to personal integrity and a sense of honor.

  • As the center for communication, it is important not only to express what we feel and speak honestly and truthfully, it is also important to deeply listen to the other.

  • Questions

    • Is it easy for you to share your truth?
    • Do you feel heard on a deeper level?
    • Are you full of doubts?
    • Are you plagued by negative thinking?
    • Are you able to be honest in what you say?
  • To Ask Yourself

    • Are you expressive and highly creative?
    • Are you able to listen to others truths to arrive at deeper insights?
    • Are you able to say no when you need to?
    • Are you able to speak up for what you believe in?
  • A person with an open throat Chakra is able to express and deeply listen, giving the other person that experience of being heard. One of the most profound human needs is the need to be heard. You can think about it like this, 

  • In the world of real estate, it is all about location, location, location.
    In the world of consciousness, it is all about vibration, vibration, vibration.

    Kara Johnstad

  • When you begin to activate the throat Chakra, you begin to change not only your own personal vibe, but also the entire vibe of a room. You can then extend this quality of authentic communication outwards into your community and the world.

    When you begin to understand that you are a unique frequency and can fine tune that frequency through the use of deep listening, sound, and awareness, you have a powerful tool you can use for personal transformation.

  • Clearing and Balancing

    • Listen to your inner voice and honor its needs for expression.
    • Speak your truth.
    • Listen closely and tap into new worlds of wisdom and insight.
    • Channel your environment into word and song.
    • Express yourself honestly.
    • Build stronger relationships.
  • Your Fifth Chakra

    • Be a bridge for co-creation and collaboration.
    • Become aware how language can hurt and heal.
    • Bring the world together by understanding each other's stories.
    • Give back to our world by aligning language with higher consciousness.
    • Contribute to our world through poetry, empowered talks and song.
  • How do you know if your fifth Chakra is healthy?

    People with healthy fifth chakras are creators. They are in touch with themselves and voice what is true to them. They may be good writers or effective speakers. Their voice has something that rings true. They are known for their honesty and getting to the core matter of things. They are deep listeners. They are passionate about truth and often inspire others. People with an open fifth chakra usually have a beautiful singing and speaking voice. They enjoy music and poetry. People with a healthy throat chakra have healthy thyroid glands, throats, necks, shoulders, ears, mouths, noses and sinuses.

  • 7 Habits to Activate and Heal Your Throat Chakra

    1. Speak up about something you have been holding back on.
    2. Begin a process of deeper listening and ask questions instead of shutting off.
    3. Practice being present when the other person speaks. Be there with your whole being.
    4. Keep a journal. Give yourself permission to dig for a deeper level of truth. Write for a few minutes and then practice digging deeper with adding the line, and the truth is...
    5. Find a room, preferably with great resonance, to sing, chant and hum.
    6. Go outside and breathe in the vast blue sky. Feel your fifth Chakra being bathed in sky blue.
    7. Wear a shade of light blue that you are attracted to. It can be a blue scarf wrapped around your neck or a blue stone, hung as a pendant on a necklace.
  • Dare to be creative.

  • Dare to be infinite.

  • Dare to fly high.

  • Expression and deep listening are key to integrating and unifying the wisdom of the third eye and the compassion of the heart. 

    Here's to your continued success and the joy that comes along with expressing your beauty and living a creative and authentic life with integrity.