• Hi beautiful soul birds 

    In today's live stream we gather to anchor love through the global chanting LOVE NEVER FAILS and a live Q and A. Love Never Fails was the first song that I produced with full orchestra and released as a single. It is inspired by the First Corinthians. Enjoy!

  • Love Never Fails

    Love Never Fails

    Love Never Fails

    Kara Johnstad

  • I just got back from Wisconsin and sang Love Never Fails at my dear Grandma's funeral. She lived to be the ripe old age of 92. A great blessing to see family and friends again and spend time together. As I always say, we may fail at times to communicate how much we care or struggle with showing our deepest feelings, but love never fails. It always trusts. It always hopes. It always perseveres. May the music never end.

  • If you are interested in listening to the longer symphonic version of the song, feel free to stream it on spotify or pick up your own personal copy at iTunes or go to the shop. Single: Love Never Fails

    May you be bathed in the power of love.