• Hi beautiful souls,
    These weeks live stream, can the voice be used to defy gravity and generate more light for our world?

    What is actually happening when we sing? Why do we always feel lighter afterward?

    There is something intangible in the air that you can't see, touch, taste or smell called gravity. The word gravity stems from the Latin word gravitatem, meaning weight, heaviness, pressure. And in science, the phenomenon of weight and downward acceleration has two components - the gravitational and the centrifugal force.

    Voice also works with pressure and two components, the gravitational and the centrifugal forces. It also works with the anti-gravitational and anti-centrifugal force. The voice is a bi-directional instrument giving you a sound mind and sound body.


  • What if we all started humming and whistling again through our days. How would that change your chemistry? Your breathing? Your health? Our world?

  • Start humming and whistling again. Change your body chemistry, your breathing. Embrace a healthy YOU and bring peace and wellness to our world. 

    See you next week,