• In this week's live stream we join together to welcome in the summer. What better way to do this than through songwriting?  From Colorado to California, Berlin to Athens, Canada to New Delhi, we anchor light and our healing vibes span the globe. What amazes me in these moments, is that no matter where we were born, no matter what background, what ethnicity, what language we speak - we are still glued together by the fine sense of beauty. I read Mary Oliver's The Summer Day and asked us to work off of this line, " I don't know exactly what prayer is, I do know how to pay attention." And everyone shared things that were close by and held beauty. It was a two-minute brainstorm and we were all reminded of how simple life is and how easy it is to awaken our inner poet. 

  • I don't know exactly what prayer is. I do know how to pay attention.

    Mary Oliver

  • Here are your words...

    Singing   Crystals   Kittens   Breath  Nature  Trees   Birds   Kindness of People  Beautiful Starlight   Butterflies  Beautiful Flowers   Ocean  Aloe Vera  Mountains   River   Beautiful Children  Sun  Garden  Jasmine  Fresh Herbs and Spices  Veggies   Dogs   Moonlight  Music  Memories   Reminders of Joy   Beautiful Drawings   Art  Silver  Books   Sunlight  We are one imagination  I fall before You  Chocolate Mint Tea  Rose Quartz  Dream Catchers  A smile on someone's face   And oh I have a friend.

  • So, who made the world? You, my dear songbirds. You are speaking it and singing it into creation with every thought, idea, and sound you utter. 

    May you be playful. May you stay true to your inner voice. May you focus on all the goodness and beauty that surrounds you and be bathed in the abundance that is. May you awaken your inner poet as she spreads her wings and strolls with you through the fields of gold. 

  • Photo : Balcony by Kara Johnstad
    Kara Johnstad Portrait by Joerg Gross-Geldermann