• Hi beautiful souls, 

    The live stream this week is on how to create a sonic diet plan. Music can often make or break your day.
    Everything around has a pulse, a rhythm. Not only music. Our words have a rhythm and tone. The music we listen to has a rhythm and tone. Our heart has a rhythm and tone. The earth has a rhythm and tone; … the weather patterns; … the cycles of nature. Our circulatory system is pulsating - surge and release. We are rhythmical beings.  


  • Simply by connecting with a positive rhythmical melody line, relaxes us in pressure situations and can improve our overall performance.

    Kara Johnstad

  •  It is easy to pace your day and stay energized, refreshed and always relaxed if you listen to your inner voice and allow the music within and without to pace your day.

    Here's to your continued success.