• As many of you know, each and every Thursday I do a Facebook live stream for our growing global community. I love connecting with you guys and exploring with you voice, songwriting, healing and answer some of your questions

    Today's Topic: How to CREATE A VISION BOARD and GET CLEAR with your LIFE'S MESSAGE. I have visioned boarded for a couple years and this one change to the normal vision boarding really ignited my passion and got me on track for the projects I am always producing. I want you to have the same success. Let me know how it works for you.

  • For we are born without hate
    -plugged into a promise
    that can no longer wait
    and our bones are talking loud
    -our blood is singing out our fate

    Kara Johnstad,
    from SPIRIT WALK

  • The second question we had was from Annalisa. She asks, "What is a practice I can do to keep my 5th Chakra ( Throat Chakra) open when it feels like it wants to shut down?" 

    Luckily we are born to sing and speak with ease. So there are many practices to help us re-activate our throat Chakra and awaken our voice. Listen in and learn three of the easy voice techniques that you can do daily. 

    And as you know, we always begin and end with a chant. And what better song this week than "We Shall Overcome". Join in and feel your spirit lift.

  • Let me know your experience with anti-vision boarding:) And join me at Humanity Healing and OM Times on facebook. As we continue to grow our community. 

    May you stay true to your inner voice and strongest vision and may we shine light where needed. 

  • Video: Compliments of Humanity Healing
    Photo Kara Johnstad by Joerg Grosse-Geldermann