• Join together with thousands of voices for a HIGH-FREQUENCY HEALING session. 

    This week our live stream focus's on our eyes. How do we see the world? How does our seeing affect our songwriting, our speaking, our relationships? What can we real-eyes when we have the courage to name things as they are. We open the global live stream with a Rumi inspired chant that  I wrote for our global village at Humanity Healing. We continue with reflecting on a marvelous poem I received last week from the poet Larry Jaffe entitled One Eyed Splendor. Click on the link below to read the poem.

    Poem. One Eyed Splendor by Larry Jaffe

    Ponder and bounce off these two pieces of art as we commence on a global songwriting adventure, empowering each other to awaken our inner poet 

  • Today's Chant bassed on a poem by Rumi

  • Life Blossoms Wherever Water Flows

    Life Blossoms Wherever Water Flows
    Sometimes in order to help life makes us cry

    Happy the eye that sheds tears

    Oh the lucky heart that burns for life’s sake
    Laughter always follows tears

    Blessed are those who understand
    Life blossoms wherever water flows

    Blessed are those who understand
    Life blossoms wherever water flows

    Where tears are shed divine mercy is

    Rumi / Johnstad

  • Thanks again to everyone who is joining in the global live stream events! We meet every Thursday evening 6 p.m. CET and if you can't make it, no worries, you can watch anytime. 

    May you have the courage to persevere and stay true to your inner voice and strongest vision. Remember SING SING SING and POETIZE this world. We are here to keep the vibes HIGH at this crucial time in our history. Together, we are unstoppable.  Much love,