• Getting ready to go back into the studio. What you are looking at are the acoustic guitar parts for heaven off my new album Moon In Capricorn.  The many guitar lines are the final touches to the recordings we have already finished with the orchestra. Album release 2017. Here is what Fabrizio Pigliucci, arranger / producer says "Parti di chitarra acustica pronte per un nuovo brano della cantautrice americana Kara Johnstad per il suo fantastico album Moon in Capricorn, chitarre da unire all'orchestra d'archi già registrata, tante linee diverse che giocano l'una con l'altra, presto in studio di registrazione! :-) "

  • Here's to the making of this beautiful album and the community that makes it all possible.
    May we have the courage to persevere and stay true to our inner voice and strongest vision.

    Stay Gold!