• Thanks so much for all your questions on Voice. It is beautiful to connect with you each Thursday. I am amazed to see our community grow from Colorado to Missouri to Ireland and Athens. Very INSPIRING.

    This past week we were 6000 voices raising the vibes of planet earth and supporting each other to VOICE ESSENCE. I was particularly moved by Cassandra's question,  "How can I bring more LOVE into my speaking voice?

    On today's Facebook Livestream we dive into answering 4  of your questions and learn an easy voice practice that can help you to stabilize your tones. YEAH! We also close with a chant I wrote and yes, I promise, we will release it soon. Singing is a Way to Deepen the Echo. 

  • We carry a tone the same way we carry a baby. With loving awareness.

    Kara Johnstad

  • Here's to your continued success. Share with us your experience with the new I Honor My Voice meditation! We love creating new albums for you. 

    May you stay true to your inner voice and strongest vision. 

    Much love,

  • Video: fb Humanity Healing Community
    Photo: Kara Johnstad by Kara Johnstad