• In Studio With Guitarist Gianluca D’Alessio

    December 7, 2016 | NEWS | Kara Johnstad
  • Recording acoustic guitars with the great Gianluca D'Alessio for the incoming fantastic new album Moon In Capricorn. Arranged and orchestrated, by Fabrizio Pigliucci. Only a few steps more and we will finish this huge orchestral production! <3

  • And with your passing

    A new phase has begun

    I sense another time and space

    Life and death as one

    'Cause way over yonder

    Beyond a rainbow's end -

    Opens the heaven

    And your eyes are a godsend.

    Cause you are my heaven

    Kara Johnstad

  • In heartfelt gratitude for an amazing team and wonderful friends. This is a stunning album. We have chosen always the path of working with some of the best musicians on the planet and I am humbled to see the compositions and words gain a bigger dimension of life.