• Yes, you are a born healer. Your voice holds the key to embodying your "divine healer."  It is present in every cell and every moment that you are breathing in the universe. Every living being has VOICE. We are here with a message. There are many layers to voice work.  We can explore the thoughts that guide our day. Bring awareness to the language we use to speak to ourselves. We can discover the transformational power of singing that singing brings. And be awestruck by the power of sounds. Cries, sighs, grunts and THE LAUGH!

    Laughter, something so easy and so mighty.  How can you tap into a healing force with ease? Cultivate laughter as a spiritual practice. 

    Yup - laughter is powerful medicine and an uncomplicated direct path to deep meditation. It brings you immediately into the here and now, activates every cell of your body, cleanses your blood and awakens your senses. 

    Laughter works on all layers of our body - mind - spirit system. 

    It lowers the production of stress hormones, boosts the immune system and researchers in Japan found that people with rheumatoid arthritis who watched "rakugo” or comic storytelling had a significant decrease in their pain and stress hormone levels as well as an increase in two immune-enhancing chemicals.

  • Laughter decreases anxiety, it lifts and lightens depression, enhances oxygen intake, relaxes muscles throughout the body, balances blood pressure, eases digestion and softens your anger! So this week we focus on being the master healer of our body and the world, by starting a laughter ritual. 

  • Somewhere in the darkness of my mind is a laugh waiting to fly out of my mouth.

    Kara Johnstad

  • And miracles of miracles, laughter triggers the release of endorphins and increases our pain tolerance. MEGA MAGIC. And free and fun. The natural healing that costs us nothing but putting joy into action.  One good belly laugh can cut through any mental or physical blocks bringing us immediately SMACK into the POWER OF NOW.

    The next 7 days I want you to experience how laughter shifts your perspective and opens you to new possibilities. Allow yourself to feel tickled pink as new connections are made. As laughter takes you outside of your space- and time-bound state and touch the field of awareness that is boundless and eternal. 

  • So I ask of you - if we know this - and it is even scientifically proven - why are we hesitant to add it into our fitness routine?

    Most of the people I know will laugh IF THE SITUATION CALLS FOR IT - by I will share with you- if you wish to heal and bring light and love and oxygen into your body - you can simply set the stopwatch and laugh!

    Laugh the same as you would jog - LAUGH with ease and think about it the same as the 8 glasses of water you drink.


    • Laugh 8 times a day for one minute - 7 days long
    • Hint: That is a mere 8 minutes from 1440 minutes in a day.
    • Early Morning - laugh while making your breakfast
    • Mid-morning - laugh while have a snack
    • Lunchtime - laugh at high noon!

    • Afternoon Break - crack a smile and laugh. 60 secs minimum:)
    • Dinner time - laugh and cook
    • Evening - watch a comedy, invite good friends over. Laugh 60 secs.
    • Goodnight Bliss - laugh before you sleep
    • Dreams - laugh in your sleep.
  • It sounds easy. It is. Yet try it and you will be amazed at how LITTLE you may have been laughing! Remember, 60 secs at a time. If you are curious, extend it to 2-3 minutes at a time. The die hards do at least 5-10 minutes at a time. YEAHHHH! Nurture and feed your NATURAL HEALER.

  •  Remember you do not have to be in a good mood to LAUGH - this is like the water rule - you simply have to start doing it.

    See you on the livestream. Love,