• Great news The MARCH 12th Learn to Play Piano Workshop in One Day is SOLD OUT.

    Hi everyone.
    Next chance to learn this revolutionary method to play piano and accompany yourself will be on April 9th or 10th at yoga voice studios in Berlin. Message me soon if you want to reserve your spot and get the the early bird price. We will have the registration open for April workshop by the weekend. Can't wait to meet all of you. 
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  • Do you have a piano standing against the wall smiling at you, yet you rarely find time to play? Or perhaps you have a keyboard that someone gave you as a present, and yet it sits in the corner? You are overwhelmed with trying to remember where the notes are on a stack of music and don't have time to go to piano classes each week. All you really want to do is to play your favorite songs.  You would love to relax by playing  through your favorite songbooks or have sing-a-longs with friends WITHOUT having to practice for hours each and every song.

    Would you believe it if I told you that playing piano as easy as counting to 1-2-3? 

    Sounds good? Then this revolutionary method is for you. Get ready for a HUGE mindset-shift.

  • WHO?

    • This course is for absolute beginners. It is absolutely fine if you have never even touched the piano. It is also perfect for you if you have studied classically, maybe you took piano classes as a kid, but never understood how to read chords or play by ear.
    • It is ideal for self-accompaniment, accompanying another voice or solo instrument, singer-songwriters, choir leaders or moms and dads that want to play piano with their kids.
    • This workshop is for adults and older teens. If there is interest for kids, I am happy to set up another workshop date.
    • I teach in English / and am fluent in German.     


  • WHAT YOU GET - freedom

    • learn all major scales 
    • learn all minor scales 
    • Learn the chromatic scale
    • learn all major triads 
    • learn all minor triads


    • learn to play in all keys  
    • Learn to read chord symbols
    • Learn to play your first pop / rock / folk / children's songs
    • Learn to work from beginner's mind and tap into playful joy.
  • As a professional singer-songwriter and mentor to voices changing our world,  I have worked with 1000s of singers who all longed to play piano but never dared.  They  felt dwarfed by the thought of how complicated it is and most of them did not want to play Debussy of Beethoven. I too came from a background of classical piano. I practiced scales for hours and went cross-eyed trying to remember how many sharps and flats were in each scale. Then I came across this revolutionary method and my life changed. Suddenly a light-bulb went BLING and I was able to remember all the scales and all the chords within an hour. It blew my mind. 

  • The last three years I have been teaching this method privately to my voice clients and each and every one was able to play basic chord charts within 2-3 hours.  Even clients that had never ever touched a piano, could suddenly play songs and understand the basic chord patterns.  This is big stuff if you are studying voice.  One of my clients had studied piano for 5 years and had dropped it in utter frustration. After one hour he went home and opened the Beatles songbook and played for 4 hours straight. His mom called me elated and he has been playing for fun ever since. 

    Here is what you get after spending only one afternoon together. 


    • Playing piano produces happy chemicals.
    • It is something many of us secretly dream of doing and never dared.
    • You will no longer feel guilty having a piano that is gathering dust.
    • You can google your favorite lyrics + chords and start playing the song!
    • You can start accompanying yourself while singing.
    • You can play with your kids.
    • You can play for your choir or music students.
    • You can play  for your grandma.
    • You can smile at how easy it is.
    • You can start to compose.
    • Ah, I delight in showing you how fun it is too dive into music.
    • The coolest thing, it is like riding a bike. Once you know it, you can never ever forget it again

    Herbergerweg 14.
    14167 Berlin,
    Zehlendorf Mitte
    S1 Zehlendorf
    Bus: X10, X11, 285, 112, 248, 623, 248, 101


  • WHEN

    March 12, 2016
    1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    Maximum 10 people. 

    If registrations exceed 10 persons, Kara will hold a second workshop on March 13th. Same time, same place. 


    Registrations before March 2nd.
     €129  Early Bird Special

    Registrations March 2-12th
    €149 Learn to Play Piano Workshop 



    Paper + pen
    Stand if you need

    *Note: this is a yoga studio so we work
    sitting on pillows on the floor. If you are 
    uncomfortable with this, you can stand with the keyboard
    If you need to sit, due to knee or back issues, 
    please bring a folding chair which will not scratch the
    wooden floors. Thanks! 

  • This course is for absolute beginners or anyone people who studied  but never understood how to read chords or play by ear. To take part in this workshop you need absolutely NO understanding of music or previous piano studies to succeed in playing piano. Everyone who completes this course will be able to play piano. 

    It is ideal for self-accompaniment, accompanying another voice or solo instrument, singer-songwriters, choir leaders or moms, curious souls and dads that want to play piano for their kids. 

  • Success Guaranteed