• Today's livestream topic. Can your voice defy gravity? Is there an anti-gravitational force? What about the centrifugal force. Can we uplift our humanity via our voices? Can we shape-shift reality through the power of word? How does it work when I study voice online? When are your next Voice Webinars? Can you help me awaken my voice and thus my true potential? How can I find your music? 

  • Your path to discovering your core essence begins with understanding YOUR PERSONAL SOUND. Tune into your voice, raise your frequency and attract a life full of passion and purpose. Here's to your continued success.


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    A singer, composer and voice expert, Kara's life’s work is an ongoing inquiry into the Sacred Mystery. Kara works with luminaries, healers, artists and creative-conscious souls to awaken their voice to guide them to voice their true calling. She gives them tools to raise their vibrational frequency and tap into an abundant field of creative energy. Kara's most downloaded songs are Message of Hope, Love Never Fails and Thank You. Passionate about transforming the world throug voice.  Kara is available for interviews, concerts, online sessions and training. Her monthly ezine goes out to 10.000 spirit driven souls and includes her Voice Your Essence Podcast. Join the community and experience how to align your body-mind-spirit system through voice. For free articles and teachings go to: www.karajohnstad.com