• The evening started out just fine
    Italian pasta then some wine
    And you said, “our friendships sacred,
    I just don´t dare”

    You see I have a wife and son
    I love them more then anyone
    And I said “ I know, yet for years
    It hangs in the air”

    Hurried Nights
    As we finish our meal
    Hurried Nights
    Trying to sense what is real

    We try to small talk tongue gets tied
    We try to switch from heart to mind
    Yet the pull´s too strong
    It tugs and pulls at the air

    You tell me things about your day
    I vaguely listen, watch your ways
    Then you shift, "Are you thru?
    I just can´t stand this chair."

    Hurried Nights
    As we´re pulled through the dark
    Hurried Nights
    Chavela Vargas she sparks you 
    And slowly you undo my blouse
    Forgetting to think of your spouse

    Wondering if you´ll think of me
    Wondering if you care
    Wondering if our friendship 
    Will end up in mid-air

    Hurried nights
    As you walk out the door
    Hurried Nights
    Leaving me on the floor
    You with your wife in your head
    I get up slowly for bed

    Wondering why you left so soon
    Wondering if you´ll get home
    Wondering if I'll sleep tonight alone
    Or if you´ll phone

    Wondering if you'll tell her
    Wondering what she'll say
    Wondering why I wish so much
    That you would have stayed

    © Kara Johnstad

    Album | Paths X
    Artist | Kara Johnstad