• Please don´t go
    I´m so afraid to lose you 
    Before I really know you

    Don´t walk away 

    Although I know the pain´s 
    So hard for you to bare

    Love twists and tears us 
    It dresses and it wears us
    You look so gaunt and torn
    So many faces you have worn

    You´re in a hurting place 
    Looking for some grace
    Call out my name and I´m there
    Dissolve all the shame and know that I care

    Darkness chills 
    You´re pulled so far inside
    Just keep talking to me baby, I say

    Icy glares and silent stares 
    I can´t recognize your eyes
    You´re cut off from the world
    In every way

    You tug at your T’
    And mumble “just let me be”

    I try to decipher
    If your grumble means maybe

    Phases sometimes faze us

    And Jesus sometimes saves us
    But sometimes it´s just you
    Alone against the world

    Harsh winds that blow, 
    Testing the weight of each word

    Your voice has changed 
    Grown dark and deeply grained
    Since your struggle with your loss

    Let me gobble up the dark
    And give you just a little spark 

    Cry out the tears in my name
    Release those bellied fears of shame

    Like a cactus cry in the desert rain, 
    Like a late night chat on a long night train
    Like a deep yowl of a warrior´s cry
    Or a mountain climber hanging from the sky
    Like a cricket in the dark longing to sing
    Or the humming flutter of a blackbird´s wings
    Like a firefly longing to light again

    Album | Paths X
    Artist | Kara Johnstad