• In a world where dreams have slipped away
    All our sorrows come to stay
    I believe in this one single word

    Struggling hard to find some solid ground
    Lost in doubts, our fears abound. 
    In the somewhere a voice can be heard

    Listen, listen the wind blows 
    Listen, listen our heart knows,

    When we have no wings to fly away 
    When the night resides in all our days 
    The mountain climb is far too steep
    The waters wide too deep

    It’s the greenest grass that breaks through earth 
    It’s the miracle of birth
    It’s the spring that lies hidden in snow

    It’s our daily bread that starts as grain
    And a prayer that heals our pain 
    For every rain drop a flower does grow

    It’s the bird that flies ‘gainst forceful winds
    And a heart forgives our greatest sins 
    It is the one who takes a chance
    Who dares to live this dance

    It’s the greatest story ever told
    How the smallest voice turns meek to bold
    We have the strength
    To rise above
    Believe in hope and love

    Our heart knows

    Listen Listen
    The wind blows a
    Message of Hope

    Single | Message of Hope
    Artist | Kara Johnstad
    Album | Moon in Capricorn
    Artist | Kara Johnstad