• Passing umbrellas
    A thought held in time
    As the skyline of Paris
    Dissolves into chimes
    And they sit, talking openly
    They share

    The love and the laughter
    Like boats on a sea
    They are carried through lifetimes
    A sweet odyssey
    A discover a friendship
    Quite rare

    The sun on the window
    Which dries her wet hair
    Gazing on the fountain in the square
    Humming he contempates 
    Stretching the time
    Or is there a time?

    Textures and colors
    Impressions of others
    Momartre is filled
    And the painters discover
    To grasp, like a clock
    They keep time

    Marking the seasons
    by splashes on canvas
    A rough stuccoed wall,
    A blue window, some pansies
    A mirrored window, he recalls


    ARTIST | Kara Johnstad