• Know my dear child that I am with you
    Here in your dark and lonely night
    Your life has been shadowed by my passing 
    God wanted me on an earlier flight

    I ask of you now to forgive me
    To mend the tear so deep inside
    For I have slipped the surly bonds of the earth 
    Swift Like a kite, I start to climb climb climb

    I myself deceived
    I couldn’t believe
    I was to leave without goodbye

    So many words unspoken
    Promises shattered broken
    Questions lie torn and tattered
    Family battered
    How I suffered

    Wanting to set things straight
    I pray that it‘s not too late
    To take time and talk to you
    To tell you how I feel – I miss you

    I want you to know that I love you
    If I could only turn back the time 
    I’d tell you so many stories
    I’d try to answer all your whys

    Don’t let us be apart 
    You are my blood I am your heartbeat
    I am the wind that guides you
    Comforts you and lifts you up to

    Places you’ve never been 
    I am the wind beneath your wings 

    Listen to your song, it is calling
    For you to take to the sky
    But there’s one last thing I wish to give you
    I give you now, my wings to fly

    © Kara Johnstad
    Album | Moon in Capricorn
    Artist | Kara Johnstad