• With you
    Lying in your arms
    I´m washed in shades of blue
    When I´m with you

    With you
    Looking in your eyes
    I start to slowly open to you

    Start to trust in love again
    Moving through all of my past pains
    You seduce me with your smile
    And just like a cookie
    I do crumble

    Yes I slowly lose all fear
    As I cautiously draw you near
    Daring to caress
    But I feel you turn your back
    And close your eyes

    With you
    I just can´t go back
    Living in my strong strong mind

    No not with you

    Yet with you
    The slumbered secrets of the past
    Have finally come to light

    Now tell me, what should I do
    Tell me what should I do

    Cause you love another man
    That just wasn't in my plan
    Can't get things straight in my heart
    Cause this love feels so true

    I miss your touch baby
    Oh those phone calls in the night
    Those “wrap your arms around me” baby
    And hold me really tight

    Miss your gentle words
    To comfort my bleeding soul

    Miss the dream I had
    Of parts becoming whole

    Oh I'm denying all I feel
    Can´t believe this situation is real
    Yes I feel so torn inside

    Slipping back inside again
    Where it's safe to hide
    Slipping back inside again
    Living pain as pride

    What wouldn't I do
    To live this love with you

    © Kara Johnstad
    Album | Paths X
    Artist | Kara Johnstad