• TODAY'S TOPIC is manifesting miracles. Yes, you can charge your words with love and intent and live in a heart-field where healing energy abounds. 

    On today's live stream you will earn to easily access the abundant creative field that surrounds you. Together with thousands of others, you can add your voice to a global singing prayer. 

    You see, both breath, thoughts, emotions and TONE are carried inside our bodies yet we also give it back as a gift to our world. Breath connects us. Thought connects us. Voice connects us. Not only in our small circle of friends, but in the vaster dimensions. A book, filled with words from a hundred years ago - can reignite our passion for seeking, for deepening our understanding of life. A song, a melody, written and composed - even recorded decades ago, still lingers in the ethers and we are able to draw sustenance by not only listening to it but singing it. 

  • It is ONLY when you "feel" your thoughts by staying connected with the emotion of the heart ( be it love or hate) that you can literally move mountains with your voice. This is the true secret behind manifesting miracles. SING IT!

    Kara Johnstad

  • Many of you know about the power of positive affirmation. You many even practice positive affirmations and have a gratitude journal next to your bedside.  Yet try as you may, you still are stuck. 

     Speaking is good. Writing is good, but have you ever tried singing? The magic behind manifesting miracles is simple: It is the UNION of THOUGHT and EMOTION. You have the power of an alchemist slumbered within your THROAT. In this live stream session, I share with you how to create a FEELING field where miracles and you are connected directly with creative SOURCE ENERGY

  • May we create an energy field today and set the intent of goodness and well-being for our world. We are the change. We are the peace. Stay anchored in your strongest vision and set those prayers and miracles into a spinning motion. Sing it.


  • Photo of Kara Johnstad by Joerg Grosse-Geldermann