• May your heart be peaceful is the theme of this week's OM Times Livestream. We open the Livestream with a song that I wrote for the Naked Thoughts Album entitled RIVER. I was in a very challenging time in my life and honestly, didn't know where to turn to. My apartment was in the middle of Berlin and one block away from the Spree. I love rivers and I love walking, so there I was in the early morning walking my chocolate brown cocker spaniel and filled with remorse and grief and suddenly the sky opened and waves of pulsating love rushed through my body.  A river from heaven.  

    This is how songs seem to arrive.  

  • And then, I feel sweet love

    Like a river, pouring from above

    And I know, yes I know,

    This is the river called life

    Take me to the RIVER

    Kara Johnstad

  • Two days ago I received a beautiful gift.  My dear friend Kevin Kortan, Yogi and founder of Evolutionary Yoga sent me a new song he had composed, and I found it perfect to share at this week's gathering.  Watch the video until the end and learn the melody. Share with your own healing circles, choirs and healing groups. 

  • May We All Be Free

    May your heart be peaceful

    May your mind find ease

    May your body be relaxed

    May we all be free 

    Kevin Kortan
    Evolutionary Yoga

  • Here's to your health, wealth, and love for this life we have been given. 
    May you have the courage to stay true to your inner voice and strongest vision. Sing, my beautiful ones and I will see you next week on the fb LIVESTREAM. Each Thursday at 6 pm Central European Time. That is 12 noon in NYC:)