• We are happy to announce the release of Fine Tune Your Inner Voice: A guided meditation to unlock the power of your intuition. Studies have shown that nurturing the connection to your inner voice can help you make the right choices in all aspects of life. Fine tune your inner voice and unleash your destiny.

  • This CD is highly recommended for speakers and singers who would like to have a daily meditation practice that guides them back to a highly creative place and tunes them to the wisdom of their inner voice.

    You are the voice that connects to the spirit as one, a conduit for supreme cosmic love." Christopher Rudy, Cosmic Love Radio

    A superior voice that can melt and touch any heart!" Doug Newsom, BBS Radio

    I call Kara Johnstad a Voice Magician, since she is turning around the myth about voice and making it so easy, effortless, yet so powerful... thank you again, Kara, you are a great gift to the world.  Magdalena Winkler, Conscious Thought with Leo Radio

  • Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad

    Kara Johnstad is a storyteller, lover of words and symbols and a gifted sound healer. Kara works through sound resonance to open our hearts and voices in a record amount of time. A singer, composer and voice expert, Kara's life’s work is an ongoing inquiry into the Sacred Mystery. In this meditation, she guides you to find deep peace and tap into your true calling. Listen to the meditation daily and awaken your true voice.

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  • Music by Fabrizio Pigliucci

    Born in Rome in 1970, Fabrizio Pigliucci trained in classical and jazz studies for piano, harmony, composition and orchestration, studied for computer-based music, and developed great experience in all the aspects of music production. He has more than twenty years of experience in arranging, orchestrating, composing, mixing and producing music. Fabrizio Pigliucci has received recognition and critical appreciation for his musical productions. Mr. Pigliucci has recently published his second solo album "THE RAINBOW TRAVELLER", an album rich in spirituality,  healing, prayer and wellbeing. , His first solo album,  “FALLEN FROM THE MOON”, is an orchestral emotional work recorded in Italy with acclaimed orchestral and solo musicians, and that received worldwide appreciations and utilizations from various international broadcast companies. It also includes the much loved song Message of Hope.