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    February 26, 2016 | NEWS | Kara Johnstad
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    Loving You
    I shall die
    Either way
    There is no return.

    For if I say no
    To this passion
    That slumbers within,
    No, to your laughter
    That slips under my skin

    No to my heart
    That longs to take wing
    No, to a moment
    More precious than spring

    No, because the distance
    Is far too far, too vast
    No, because why try?
    When we know that nothing will last...

    In this moment
    When I look life
    Right straight in the eyes
    And choose NO
    In response to God's sweetest surprise

    In that same moment of NO
    I shall start to whither and die
    My heart shall grow heavy
    And the sun shall not rise

    Live a pauper's life
    Empty pockets and pretty lies
    Solemn and somber
    A lovely disguise

    I buried my flight
    'So well behaved”
    Ticking off time
    As I march to my grave

    And yet if I say yes,
    To following this bliss
    The kind that leads to topsy-turvys
    And martinis with a twist

    Yes, to the difference in age
    And the difference of place
    The wild funny stories
    And a place on your face

    Yes to these lines,
    That just won't leave my head
    You go grrrlllll,
    Before you are dead.

    If I say yes to this ache
    Which I don't understand
    That has pulled me right out of
    My logical plans....

    If I say yes,
    To licking the salt off your skin
    Or allowing you to enter me
    Deep deep within

    Then my oh my
    Then I shall really die
    As I surrender
    To life's sweetest surprise

    And this death will be quick
    On that night of no moons
    As we glide on lake
    And you dive like a loon...

    And there in the dark
    Without time, age or space
    There we are showered
    In God’s Holy Grace

    I am not here
    And you are not there
    We are where nobody worries
    And nobody cares

    Only our souls to see
    If it were true
    Only our hearts that beat..
    I love you.

    Kara Johnstad

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  • Photo: Kara Johnstad by Joerg Grosse-Geldermann
    Photo Unsplash "Yosemite" by Annaliese Phillips