• Kara Johnstad

    OK, so...I'm breaking journalistic character and writing this in the first person, which is a big departure for me, but I think it'll be a little bit friendlier this way for an article of this type.

    These are, as far as I'm concerned, twenty-five people who truly deserve MAC Award nominations in various categories during the 2011 selection process.

    I want to make it very clear, not only don't I imagine for a second that others who aren't on this list won't receive nominations, because I'm sure they will. These are merely the twenty-five that I personally feel would be the most worthy of a nomination this year, if in fact they're remembered when the initial voting process has begun, as they more than well should be. Having said that, here are all in their much-deserved glory. (Note: these are in alphabetical order, and in no way reflect preference of who comes first. Some may have received previous nominations and awards, but their work this year was so outstanding that they deserve another, in my humble opinion) [ ... ]

  • Kara Johnstad

    10) Kara Johnstad. In what may well have been one of the greatest surprises of the season in 2010, this diminutive and stunning lady, an American currently residing and concertizing throughout Europe and other locales, brought her splendid jazz stylings to Met Room in an evening unequaled. Whether she qualifies for Outstanding Female Debut or Outstanding Female Jazz Vocalist would be hard to determine, because she unequivocally deserves nominations for both.

    Copywright Andrew Martin, first published on NitelifeExchange.com
    Photo by Jörg Grosse-Geldermann