• Voice Rising Radio Show hosted by Kara Johnstad
    Aired on Thursday, May 9, 2019


  • Chloe Goodchild- Unified Field of Awareness or Singing Field

    Here and now, precisely at this appointed placelessness and timelessness in its chosen form of information, is home to our interconnectedness, our inter-are-ing. We welcome you home to the unified field of awareness of our inter-being, where all sentient beings sing freely from their heart’s pulsation. Here we swim, dwell and swell in gratitude for our unity in uniqueness. Each ripple, drip, dip and spring of frequency shifts resonate in all directions, forming symphonies of perfectly playful spheres from and for all of creation’s joyful elevation.

    When my remaining option is to intentionally love and unapologetically reclaim my identity as love embodied, will I have spiraled back home, an octave harmoniously integrated and evolved state of being. Here I will meet you:

  • Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing

    there is a field

    a singing field

    I’ll meet you there


  • Join voice master Kara Johnstad and Ms. Chloë Goodchild, an international singer, innovatory educator, author and founder of The Naked Voice (1990) as they peruse the Singing Field.

    About Ms. Chloë Goodchild: dedicated to the realization of compassionate communication in all realms of human life. Deafness in childhood catalyzed Chloë’s deep encounter with her inner self, and began a lifetime’s experiential research into the voice as a catalyst for personal evolution and global transformation.

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