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    Aired on Thursday, April 4, 2019

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  • Cleveland Watkiss - Biosonics of Sound System Culture

    Just as the acupuncturist "reads" the pulse, or the iridology "reads" the eyes, Biosonics "reads" the human voice for a diagnostic orientation of imbalance states. The frequencies in the human voice carry information about the state of the person's physical and emotional balance. When the human body is tuned or in balance, it can work in harmony and create melodies. The power and pleasure of the sonic also has an exponentially scalable function within an orchestra or choir. Therefore, galvanizing and ennobling human voices is a profound tuning service to the one collective human organism. As a musical distribution mechanism, the Jamaican Sound System Culture has proved itself to be a transmission of life for the diaspora. Out of many, the voice makes us wholly one.

    Join voice master Kara Johnstad and British virtuoso vocalist Cleveland Watkiss as they explore the intersection of sound, consciousness and well-being.

    About Cleveland Watkiss: A vocal improvisor, composer, actor, educator, born in Hackney, East London to Jamaican family. For his most recent work with: CW UK ALLSTARS he has assembled some of the most prolific musicians active on the UK music scene today. Visit www.clevelandwatkiss.co.uk.


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