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    Aired on Thursday, April 25, 2019,


  • Kevin Kortan - Sounding into Silence

    The call to life beckons us to contemplate our capacity to respond to our deepest questions. How does one grow in “response-ability” to life? Responsibility compels us to exercise the flexibility, adaptability, and integration of body, mind, and soul. The capacity for internal awareness frees us to respond back to life. Sounding is a vessel with the capacity to gently guide our internal awareness into the night, the darkness, the silence, and womb of knowing.

    Join voice master Kara Johnstad and guest Kevin Kortan, the originator of Evolutionary Yoga™, as they discuss an integrative and innovative approach that unites Yoga, Tantra, Somatics, and Embodied Education. Kevin offers insights into the role that sounding, chanting, and mantra repetition has in bringing us into an internal awareness.

    For sound enthusiasts and explorers, enjoy Kevin’s courageous journey from sacred sound and music to music for the stage and back to the sacred, inner sound. He will take us through the curves and turns of mantra in motion, chanting in Sanskrit, English, and other languages and healing the wound of being judged about our voice.

    About Kevin Kortan:

    During his career as a professional dancer, Kevin danced with several companies and toured internationally with the world-renowned Trisha Brown Dance Company. His teaching has brought him around the world to Europe, Asia, and across the United States. He has taught at many leading yoga studios, health clubs, dance festivals, and colleges. 

    Praised as a "master of translation" and "an excellent teacher who makes his classes challenging for the experienced, yet understandable for the beginner." He enjoys working with people from all walks of life. Much of Kevin’s teaching is done one-on-one in private sessions in the time-honored tradition of adapting yoga for the individual. Connect with Kevin on www.evolutionaryyoga.com.

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