• Aired Thursday, 15 November 2018, 9:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM PST / 3:00 PM CET (Berlin)


    Lea Longo is an expert in the field of meditation music, mantras, vocal chanting and Mindfulness Meditation. Her voice has appeared in many Hollywood Tv shows & movies and has been described as “Spiritually Rewarding”.

    On this week’s Voice Rising Show Kara explores with Lea how voice and vibration are the driving force behind all creation. How finding your unique and true voice helps you to manifest abundance and vibrant health. Lea graciously shares with us her personal spiritual practices and how she manifests award-winning albums, produces the Montreal Chant Festival now known as ZenFest and balances her coaching practice with performances and studio time. Tune in to Voice Rising with Kara Johnstad on Thursdays at Om Times Radio.

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