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    When the clutter clears, happiness is what floats to the surface. It is our natural state—our default setting. Children know it feels good to feel good. They seek it above anything else. They know that anything less is simply unacceptable. As we “grow up” we learn to settle for less than what we want, and we are taught to see this as noble. It is not. We have forgotten that we are vibrational powerhouses. We have the capacity to tune our body instruments to the frequency of our highest potential. We have the capacity to focus intently on this potential, and allow it to unfold before our knowing hearts and eyes. Happiness is the point. Happiness is the path. And Happiness is where we’re all headed.

    Join Kara Johnstad and Sirgun Kaur as they explore the healing power of mantras. American singer-songwriter Sirgun Kaur has dedicated herself to the path of Kundalini Yoga. On Voice Rising, she will share very practical tips and tools for people just starting out with mantras and tips from her own mantra singing practice.

    Kara Johnstad knows that if we wish to transform our relationship with ourselves, each other and our planet, we need to understand the role that our voice plays in shifting old paradigms and awakening to a vibrant life of pure presence.

    SIrgun and Kara will delve into the big question of how humanity can heal through sound consciousness. What tools do we have to fine-tune our body-mind-spirit system while bringing harmony to our world?

    Tune in each week as Kara interviews leading luminaries, pioneering visionaries, poets, musicians, authors, and sound healers. Meet Kara's first guests, Yuval Ron, Regula Curti, Lea Longo, Snatam Kaur, Deva Premal and Miten, Fabrizio Pigliucci, Sirgun Kaur, and Rhani Krija, Marc Allen, as they share with you, their journey into sound and beyond.

    About Sirgun Kaur
    Sirgun Kaur is a sacred songstress and Kundalini Yoga instructor. Through the exploration of her music, and after her discovery of Kundalini Yoga, chanting, and mantra, she was led to an understanding of the transformative and healing potential of music. Sirgun believes that bodies and minds are malleable and miraculous. Her music is designed to put listeners in a state of natural healing. By listening and chanting along, the nervous system is soothed, the mind becomes less chaotic, and thus, one’s surrounding environment becomes less overwhelming. Through a gradual process of observing and listening to other chant artists, mixed with deep and personal songwriting experiences, Sirgun was led to this spiritual path through music.
    Sirgun has released five albums of sacred chants: -8, Reclaim Your Happiness, Dayaal, The Cosmic Gift, The Music Within and has performed in Europe and across the United States, leading conscious wellness festivals such as Bhakti Fest. She currently resides in a yoga community in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and two children.

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