• Voice Rising Radio Show hosted by Kara Johnstad
    Aired on Thursday, February 28, 2019

  • YUVAL RON - Heart Unity

    For one of us to be what we ought to be requires that we all be what we ought to be. Join voice master Kara Johnstad and guest Yuval Ron, an internationally renowned World Music artist and peace activist, as they get to the heart of unity.

    Tuning in to the wisdom of our hearts and allowing that song of wisdom to find expression on our paths is an attunement of divine order. Mr. Ron has followed the guidance of his heart wisdom into collaborating with: neuroscientists Mark Waldman and Andrew Newburg to explore the connection between sound and the brain; people of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths to create musical bridges; and teachers of various ethnic musical traditions and spiritual paths worldwide. Among his many honors, he composed the songs and score for the Oscar winning film West Bank Story in 2007 and was the featured artist in the Gala Concert for the Dalai Lama’s initiative Seeds of Compassion in the Seattle Opera Hall in 2008. He authored, “Author of Divine Attunement: Music as a path to Wisdom.”

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