• This week's Livestream is on raising our love vibes. Did you know that VOICE is not only behind giving you energy, but it can also be the main source of draining your energy and keeping you small.? Self Sabotage is running rampant. How do we find the healing and positive space we need? We know what we should be doing and yet hearing ourselves talk critically to our own bodies and emotions makes us feel even more guilty. Why? Because as conscious souls we KNOW BETTER: So what is the trick to ending self-sabotage and raising our love vibes?

  • The power of voice is a choice.
    Every word is a turning point.
    To rejoice.
    To uplift.
    To heal.
    To make real.
    To elevate.
    To raise.
    To empower.
    To praise
    or to sabotage.
    Word has power. Win or loose.
    We choose.

  • Yes, we are masters of love. We can heal with a song. We can speak ourselves into suffering voice ourselves into empowered and strong. With just one word we can create a place where we belong - a home.

    May we have the courage to stand tall and feed our soul with compliments and kindness and nurture through our words our well-being. If we have anything left. let our voice and music overflow back into our world.

    Much love,