• Life is giving us newfound clarity
    To see the disparity
    Brought forth by the barbarity
    Of parasitic greed
    We do not want nor do we need
    So we stop.
    We are calling your bluff.
    Stripped. Ripped. Torn. Worn.
    We say enough is enough
    We are creators, not haters
    And in these fractured times of division
    We dare to take the vital decision
    To pit grace against greed
    Give the earth back what she needs
    Usher in a new world of peace
    As we unite in our plight.

    For we abhor the massive destruction
    And its shocking repercussions
    The dire poverty, the futile wars,
    the senseless suffering we can not ignore
    The twisting of our ears
    with propagated fears
    The insanity
    The profanity
    Yes, enough is enough

    For we are born without hate
    Plugged into a promise
    That can no longer wait
    And our bones are talking loud
    Our blood is singing out our fate’
    And the dove flies high above
    As we gather at the gate

    Spoken Word Rap to the Peace Chant Spirit Walk.
    By Kara Johnstad www.karajohnstad.com