• Beautiful friends, the singing revolution is calling to us.

    In these times of fractured division,  I want to inspire all of us to research and study and take to heart the SINGING Revolution which is how ESTONIA had a peaceful Revolution. We have to add singing and dance to this global movement that is gaining strength. Voice Your Essence is NOT about the music industry. It is about the power of music. The power that voice has to connect our body mind spirit and our community. It is about the courage it takes to be truth tellers and heal our past and design our future. Together. May we bond and encourage each other and keep the vibes high as we are asked to turn harm to harmony. I am numb at times, digesting it all, and yet it is our responsibility if we are able to absorb it to also transform it. With voice, song. meditation, dance and a strong community - we have the tools we need. A great energy that can create a new world of peace. Music and united singing helps us in ways we know in our bones. It uplifts even in the darkest times. Don't let the ways of this world trip up our spirit walk. 

  • Rise Up - these times echo HOPE.