Is it good to hear voices in your head?

    By Kara Johnstad

    There is nothing wrong with desire.  
    There is nothing wrong with visualization. 
    It is a powerful tool. 

    Many top performers use visualization to literally see themselves on stage and listen to the music in their heads before they actually go out onto stage.Many writers visualize the finished book and cover and it helps them create the path they have chosen.Many successful business folks, like myself, use visualization to mind map and brain storm the next steps in CD production and clear branding of products before they are out on the market.
    What if there is a second part of the equation for manifesting of abundance? There is a second big part in the equation of CREATING songs, books, art and an inspired life direction. 
    I wish to sing of my interior visions
    with the naive candour of a child.
    Claude Debussy
    Let’s explore. What is the  difference between Visualization and Visioning?

    is the art of projecting pictures and projecting things into the future.

    Visioning is the art of receiving pictures, imagery, guidance in the present.

    Outward movement – inward movement. Two parts behind creation.    
    The questions are:

    “What do we want from life?” and
    “What does life want from us?” 

    If we use both of the tools, we will enjoy staying surprised and often in awe at the bigger picture that is available when we allow ourselves to receive.  

    You can visualize what you would like to create and you can receive visions and impulses on what you are asked to create.

      As you open to guidance, to the vision for your life, you will begin to listen in and trust more. In listening into your essence, you will allow yourself to be guided and this creates more space within and without.

    So when begin to integrate VISION-ING into our daily lives, we start creating not only how we wish to live and plan our days, we also open to life moving through us and allow our lives  to  be a work of art. We open to visions and creation. We open to being an instrument for the divine.

    “Lord make me an instrument of your peace.” 

    Francis of Assisi


    “What do I want from life” meets “What does life wants from me?”

    The world comes to you when you are tuned in and living from your essence. As you start to allow yourself to also be guided through life, things that are not really coming from a deep soul level,  will begin to fall away. In this process you start to lessen your TO-DO, and start living your TO-BE. 

    The  VISIONING process that I share with you today,  is a perfect way to bring balance between Visualizing (what do you want  from life?) and Visioning (what does life want from you?).

    “I allow my intuition to lead my path. 

    Manuel Puig 

    The more you do this process, the more you bring intention and consciousness to this process the more you begin to be open to guidance, to vision, the vision that life wants for you, the more the messages start to pour through you and you are in a steady flow to give back to life that life you have been given. The more you open to the VISIONS the less you need to pull it from your pen, your bones.. and simply use yourself as the vessel.


    “People only see what they are prepared to see.” 

    Ralph Waldo Emerson


    Get into a comfortable and quiet place.

    Sit in a comfortable chair with both feet flat on the ground.

    This helps keep us stay grounded. In this exercise we are learning to receive, to listen in. 

    We are not going anywhere, so feel your feet firmly on the ground.

    Settle, get comfortable, and bring attention to your breath.

    Bring awareness to your inhalation and allow the breath to enter into your body

    and then gently release. Notice the abundancy of air. The gift it is. 

    Allow the abundant breath to move gently in and out of your body.

    Most of the time we are not even thinking about it, and yet air and breath continues to come to us and nourishes us. Our capillary system is 60,000 miles long – all inside our body- it can stretch 3 times around the globe and back – this is how abundant life is.  We are wired to receive energy and life through breath.

    Begin to pay attention to the life force of breath and take a moment to offer gratitude for the air, for the breath and the abundance that surrounds us.

    Now, go ahead and if you are in a safe place and able to, close your eyes.

    Take in the next breath and add to it an INTENTION:

    You can ask to see songs, stories, or artwork that is there to be created or an easy place for us to start this practice is to set the intent, how do I see my life 5 years from now?



    Allow the abundance to enter your body, your instrument and as your body fills up when you get to the top of your breath, gently let the air release and let your body relax.

    Continue breathing deeply into your core.

    Feel your belly expanding. Feel your lower back expanding and as you gently release the breath, let it move out and go back into the world, sense your body relaxing.

    “What you are comes to you.” 

    Ralph Waldo Emerson



    Discover the place in your head where your inner guidance, your inner vision slumbers

     and awaken this magical place.


    HOW TO FIND THIS MAGICAL PLACE? If you were to draw a line between your ears and drop another line down from the top of your head,  where those two lines intersect at the very center of your head is the magical spot we are looking to discover. Many traditions consider this place to be the seat of intuition.



    The creative is the place where no one else has ever been.  
    You have to leave the city of your comfort
    and go into the wilderness of your intuition.
    What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.
    Alan Alda

    Go ahead and imagine that you are moving your awareness into that place in the center of your head. Behind your eyes, between your ears, in the middle of your head, and coincidentally. exactly the caverns that sound loves to dwell in before it expands.




    Open yourself with every inhalation to guidance and trust that there is information coming into your magical space and this information will reveal itself to you the more you are able to listen in.

    Stay relaxed with your movement of breath and detach yourself from a need of doing this exercise right or wrong, simply enjoy the journey of VISIONING:

    “I believe that there is an ideal hovering over the earth,
    an ideal of that Paradise which is not the mere outcome of imagination,
    but the ultimate reality towards which all things are moving.

    I believe that this vision of Paradise is to be seen in the sunlight,
    and the green of the earth, in the flowing streams,
    in the beauty of springtime, and the repose of a winter morning.
    Everywhere in this earth the spirit of Paradise is awake and sending forth its voice.” 



    Continue holding your intent : where do I see myself 5 years from now, and bring awareness to your feet. Connect with the earth and know that the earth is holding you.

    Besides knowing that the air we breath is giving us life force energy to live an abundant life, the idea that the earth is holding us, gives us strength.

    Feel the connection and  the presence of the earth holding you, supporting you, nurturing you.

    Let your body relax into that deep knowing.

    Let your body really feel that support from the earth

    Continue to breath gently all the way down to your tailbone and way down to the base of your spine. As you relax on the exhalation allow your body to relax even deeper. 


    Take another deep breath in, bring your full attention back to your intuitive space in the center of your head.  





    You may now start beginning to receive guidance.

    Whether you see images or hear sounds, receive words or messages, or simply have a knowing sense of expansion and  anchoring happening,  trust that you are beginning to receive and open to your guidance.

    Breath in again YOUR INTENT: 



    “Where do I see myself, feel myself to be,  
    imagine myself to be 5 years from now?”

    Click on the podcast image and enjoy listening to the article                   

     In this future life as you open, ask your higher self, source, ask your intuition or ask God Life Force,  the question,

     “What do you want for me and from me five years from now?” 

    Open to receive the answer. As the images or impulses begin to come to you, let yourself enjoy looking around. Explore this life:

    Where are you living? What environment surrounds you. Climate? Landscape?

    Where are you working and what is your profession? What are you contributing. Are you traveling? Who are you with? alone? Family? Community? Let yourself stay open to experience a vision that your spirit source may wish for you. Your essence is calling for you.

    Continue to breath the imagery and sensations in and let the pictures and tones land in your body and see the work that you are doing and see clearly the people that are around you, people you are helping or people that are supporting you and all the places your are traveling to. Enjoy the home that you have created. See clearly the people you are loving and who are loving you. 





    With every inhalation take it into your body and let your body deeply feel this. It is important that you not only receive the visions and inner whispering, but learn to embody these images. 
    This shifts it from being not just your intuition, not just in your mind a lost dream but brings it down onto the earth. You tune in and see, and then begin to move in that direction, and at the same time allow those images to come towards you.


    Remember the anchoring and grounding you did with your feet, pull the visions from the center of your head, down your spine and through your feet onto the earth.

    Continue to look around again. Ask clearly, God Life Source Spirit, higher guidance,

    “Reveal  what you would like from me, show me.”



     Let yourself continue to be guided to different aspects of the life that is waiting for you. 


    Take one last look around, sense, feel, use your intuition, your inner voice, your deep inner knowing and inner visions, turn the images and pictures you see 360 degrees around and see if there is anything to take from the life vision that you see in 5 years back into the present moment.


    Before you return from your deep visioning process, take one more conscious deep breath and lock in this life vision into your body and as you exhale let go of this vision. Send it back out into the universe. Let go of this life experience knowing that it is there waiting for you and you can revisit it or re-create it anew. Don’t cling. Revisit it from time to time and get more details or more passion or add or re-arrange, but for now with one last exhalation let it go and see it float off.


    Another deep breath.  Feel your body filling up with air that is in abundance all around you.

    Exhale and  feel your body in the chair, feet anchored to the ground and begin to wiggle your fingers and toes.

    One more deep breath in and call in the abundance of the breath.

    You are full of new inspirations and a powerful visions.

    Release the breath, open your eyes and come back to this present moment.Remember,


    “Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut, that held its ground.” 

    David Icke

    By listening in to your intuition and allowing VISIONING as a daily practice,  you will be surprised at how many synchronicities will begin to occur.

    Once again in Visualizing you create and project deep desires, in the Visioning process you receive hints from the universe, or songs that have yet to be written.

    It is my experience that we begin with voicing our desires and visualizing, yet the more we receive through visions,  the less desires we have and the more we enjoy being in service to a bigger picture and a higher creative force.

    Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.
    Napoleon Hill

    The most precious way to spend your life, is living a life that you are passionate and excited about. One that utilizes your gifts and abilities and feels in flow with who you are. This leads to opportunities and open doors.

    The joyous feeling you get from
    Voicing Your Essence and doing things that your soul craves for, is exactly what attracts more opportunities into your life that lead to success.

    Carpe Diem! Go out and seize the day! And remember VISIONING you can do to see life visions, or songs and poems, or paintings that have yet to be painted. It is a bridge to manifesting new works of art. The world comes to you when you are living from your essence.

    Stay Gold,

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